11 Amazing Floating Eyeliner Looks


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We have learned something from “Euphoria,” and that is that innovative eye makeup applications are a must for 2022.You can find 11 Amazing Floating Eyeliner Looks .


#1 Gemstone Floating Eyeliner

Davy will show you how to create floating eyeliner using more than eyeliner. She used tiny gemstones to create a floating eyeliner design along the top arc.

#2 Double Floating Eyeliner

You can also wear floating eyeliner by creating floating space between two wings instead of one line that runs towards your crease. Davy created this look by using a longer, horizontally oriented wing, rather than one that is flicked upward, on Alexa Demie (AKA Maddy).


#3 Seeing Triple Floating Eyeliner

You can recreate the look by applying your single wing as usual. Next, lightly line your lower lash line with your new wing and then extend it horizontally below the original wing. Next, draw another line at your crease.


#4 Sharp Black Floating Eyeliner

This floating eyeliner look can be very sharp so you will need to use a fine-tipped liquid eyeliner. Keep a angled brush and some micellar water handy for quick touch-ups.


#5 Thin Black Floating Eyeliner

Dixie D’Amelio’s floating double-lined eyeliner is a great example. You’ll also see small silver studs if you look closely. How can you get gems to stay in place all night? Use lash glue!

#6 Blurred Cobalt Floating Eyeliner

A tip for creating a floating eyeliner look is to: You don’t need to use razor-sharp lines. Ta shows you how a diffused line of cobalt can have a striking impact.

#7 Diffused Floating Eyeliner

The floating eyeliner look looks a little more natural. It uses the color along the outer corners and blends into each crease. This look, while earthy, is intended to be somewhat menacing as it was created for Melissa Barrera’s Scream premier appearance.

#8 Abstract Floating Liner

It doesn’t matter if you call this floating liner idea abstract or lazy. Any floating liner should make an impression. If you are here to analyze it, it has done its job. To make heads turn, it just needs a straight line of white lining above each crease.

#9 Neon Floating Eyeliner

You can recreate the look she created for Grace Gaustad by choosing five neon eyeliners or a damp brush that has been dipped into your favorite neon eyeshadow pallet. Apply each color in small sections.

#10 Inverted Neon Floating Eyeliner

You don’t have to use floating eyeliner in the shape of a wing. Ta shows you how adding intrigue to a simple makeup look by extending your eyeliner beyond the corners. We have to admit that we love the look of it.

#11 60s-Inspired Floating Eyeliner

Raoul Alejandre was able instantly to brighten Zendaya’s #MOTD by sandwiching white eyeliner between two black lines. False lashes add to the retro look’s appeal.



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