15 Dark Eyeshadow Looks that Bring Classic Drama to Your Eyes


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A smoky eyes are a timeless classic. It’s effortlessly seductive, flirty, and sexy. You can look fierce whether you are out on the town, or if you want to keep it subtle. The smoldering look is universally flattering and adaptable.

Each season brings with it a new take on the classic. Scroll down for 15 dark eyeshadow looks that we will be re-creating throughout the year.


#1 The Classic

The classic smoky eyes never go out of fashion. Dakota Johnson shows you how to really make the eyes stand out.

15 Dark Eyeshadow Looks that Bring Classic Drama to Your Eyes

#2 Lush and Lifted

The contrast between smoky shadows and sharp cat eyes lifts the whole face. For a truly snazzy look, add blush to the highest points of your cheeks and subtle contouring.


#3 Soft and Striking

The contrast between smoky shadows and sharp cat eyes creates a lift to the face. Use blush on the top points of the cheeks with subtle contouring to achieve a snazzy look.


#4 Bold Brows

It is important to remember that bold brows will not go anywhere . Patrick Ta makes a convincing case for high-low brows. He keeps them bushy and natural with just a little gel to hold them in place, while going all out on his eyes.

#5 Golden Heat

You don’t have to stick with blacks or silvers for dark eyeshadows. For a more vibrant look, you can add some gold to the eyeshadow. This look by Lucy Hale is a favorite of ours.


#6 Smoke and Ice

A smoky, icy look in makeup can bring out the best blue eyes. For an extra pop, lightly tap a light blue shadow in the middle.


#7 Glitter Wings

The glitter wings of our dreams! Use concealer and a small brush for a sharp look.


#8 Bronze Bombshell

This look was created by Allan Avendano using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose palette (55). He explains that although it appears to be one shade, I used several shades from the same palette to give the look depth.

#9 Bronzed and Beautiful

Allan Avendano, a makeup artist, used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette ($55). He explains, “For contoured, smoky eyes, I often use a bronzer before layering over top darker shadows.” This allows for a smoother transition as the bronzer shade blends in the look with the rest. Blend it around the eyes, then apply a darker brown. To make the look stand out .”


#10 Hot and Cold

This cool-toned eye looks great with Julianne Moore’s gorgeous red hair. This is a masterclass on the smoky eyes, from the dramatic lashes to the contrast below the lash line.


#11 Rock and Roll

​​​​​”I wanted Doja to have a dark, smoldering look with a rock and roller edge,” says celebrity makeup artist Ernesto Casillas. The trick is to layer and blend the shadows carefully. Viseart’s Minis Mattes Neutral Shadow Palette costs $40.


#12 Subtle Mystery

Pati Dubroff is a makeup artist who knows that a strong and mysterious eye is key to highlighting radiant skin. The black liner helps to focus the eye and add structure without affecting the overall look.


#13 Festive Fun

Sometimes more is better. Do you need proof? This iconic holiday makeup look by Priscilla is proof. We’ll be using this look every celebration, from the pop of green on our lids to the two-toned lips.

#14 Everyday Ease

We offer the bedhead bombshell look you have been dreaming of. The smoked-out shadow is kept to the lid for a more natural look that still packs a punch.


#15 Sultry Glimmer

Georgie Eisdell is a celebrity makeup artist who created this eye for Anya Taylor-Joy. She used three colors: a glittery golden center, a shimmery bronze to buff, and a satin brown around the eyes. Apply a thick coat of black mascara and you are good to go.



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