2021 Apple Event: Time to Unravel iPhone 13, Apple Watch, and more


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We’re here with some exciting news about the 2021 Apple Event!

The new and improved iPhone 13 is going to launch at the much-awaited 2021 Apple event.  The event is set to take place tomorrow (September 14th, 2021) and everyone has their eyes glued to their social media accounts for the latest updates. The good news is you will be able to watch the event via live streaming.

Apple is a popular brand and it has garnered the attention of billions of people across the globe. There’s no doubt that everyone is looking forward to this event with high expectations. After all, Apple doesn’t fail to surprise its loyal customers.  

The Apple event in September 2021 is going to be a virtual event and will start at 10 A.M PST.

Nobody IS aware of what’s going to happen at the giant company’s event, but technology enthusiasts expect the launch of the iPhone 13, an Apple watch, and perhaps the AirPod 3.

In a couple of hours, the whole world will get to know what’s in store for them! Perhaps you have waited for a new addition in the iPhone family, but now the wait is over.

Here’s an in-depth article that will give you a sneak peek of what’s expected tomorrow. Brace up as we are going to share everything about the Apple event 2021.

Apple’s Third Event in 2021 is All Set to Take Place Tomorrow  

The ninth-generation iPad and the iPad Mini 6 may be launched later this year, but we are excited to see what’s the revelation tomorrow. On second thought, these are just speculations as Apple might surprise us tomorrow with a series of cool new products.

There were two events in 2021. The Apple event in April 2021 was quite intriguing as we saw some new upgrades in the iPad and got to see a purple-coloured iPhone 12. The colourful iMacs and the AirTags trackers were also introduced at the April event.

Two months later, Apple held an annual WWDC where we got a good look at the iOS 15, iPad OS15, Watch OS 8, and macOS 12.

The company usually hosts three to four events each year and they have been consistent in bringing forward new and advanced products for their loyal customers.

Apple hosts a spring event and two during fall season. Fall season events are scheduled between the months of September to October. The waiting period has come to an end and technology enthusiasts are geared up to check the specifications of the new iPhone 13.

2021 Apple Event

What’s next? Keep reading to find out!

When and where is the next Apple event 2021?

The much-awaited Apple Event in September 2021 is all set to take place on Tuesday. The California streaming is ready to go live on September 14 at sharp 10 A.M PT.

As per speculations, we will be seeing the new iPhone 13 (highly expected), the Apple Watch 7, and the swanky AirPods 3. It’s possible that technology enthusiasts may not have to wait for the launch of the iPad Mini 6 or the iPad 9.

This one’s not the final event of the year. Apple is going to launch many more products before the year ends, but the September 14 event is the one that every technology enthusiast cares about.

The 2021 Apple Event is going to take place at Apple Park. However, this will be a virtual event given the scare of COVID-19 and safety protocols.

Once the September event is all set and done, Apple might make a comeback with another event in October or November. You can expect to see the 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021, 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021, and some cool new iPads too.

What Happened Last Year?

Apple used to launch a new iPhone during September month every year, but since the COVID-19 outbreak, they did not launch a new phone in the fall event. The iPhone 12 launched in October and not in September.

The event was accessible through a Livestream and that’s how the world got to see Apple watch SE, Apple Watch 7, and some updated iPads.

Apple is back with its usual schedule and hopefully, they will stick with it for the coming years.

Everything You Need to Know about the New (Rumored) Products

So, iPhone enthusiasts are looking forward to the iPhone 13. As per Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be four variants of the iPhone 13. This includes iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Max, iPhone 13 mini, and the iPhone 13.

The cameras will get a solid upgrade and it will have a new design as well. This seems like promising news simply because iPhone enthusiasts have saved up money to buy the new variant! Everyone knows that the iPhone camera is unbeatable and stellar.

Well, all of these features are expected from an iPhone anyway. But there’s some news regarding an advanced face ID hardware that Apple is working on. Since people are seen wearing masks, this new and advanced hardware will help the phone recognize faces with a mask. This could be a ground-breaking technological advancement! Moreover, satellite communications may also be an additional feature. All we can do is wait for the reveal!

The Apple event 2021 will also unravel the Apple watch 7 (rumoured). It could have a sleek design and the battery life may have some improvements. The blood glucose monitoring feature may be a new feature of the watch.

As per rumours, the AirPods 3 won’t have too many changes as they will be similar to the AirPods Pro.

In a nutshell, tomorrow is going to be an eventful day and everyone is looking forward to the new upgrades and additions.

2021 Apple Event: How to Watch

Since there’s a pandemic and Apple is following all the safety protocols, the event is going to take place via live streaming.

It will be broadcasted from the famous Apple Park. However, you can go to Apple.com and watch the live event. They will also broadcast this live event on YouTube so you’re not going to miss any footage.

The next apple event 2021 date is not known, but as per sources and rumours, it might happen in October. The waiting period won’t be too long!

Wait for the Apple Event to Begin

The 2021 Apple event is going to be phenomenal as some really cool products may become a part of the Apple family.

So, stay hooked and wait for the Apple event to start. Don’t miss any footage of the event. In the coming years, Apple may launch Apple Glasses, Apple Car, and even Apple VR. Nothing’s impossible for them! They’re going to surprise us every season with something new and groundbreaking in the field of technology.

Apple September event is just some hours away and there is no doubt we’re going to finally see the iPhone 13 officially announced. So, I think that this is the perfect time to give an in-depth breakdown of everything that we expect to see from the iPhone 13 line-up based on everything that we’ve heard.  

Let’s just go..

What will be introduced in apple event 2021

It starts obviously with the design and there are no major changes expected other than a few subtle changes. The four models of the iPhone 13 line-up will have the same exact display sizes as the iPhone 12 line-up. Starting with the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 pro and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 13 pro max.

iPhone 13 design

You’ll still have that same flat body, flat edges and rounded corner design that is still harsher to hold compared to the iPhone 11 line-up. I mean I just loved how that phone felt in hand. The thickness will reportedly increase by about 0.26 millimetres and the iPhone will be slightly heavier due to larger internal batteries now.

XDR Oled displays

They’re all expected to bring super retina XDR Oled displays. And reports indicate that we will see the promotion 120-hertz refresh rate from the iPad finally come to the pro model iPhone. I will have to say I still don’t think that promotion is going to make that significant of a difference on the smaller screen. Most people don’t get me wrong it’s going to be nice and everyone upgrades for different reasons. But if promotion is the primary reason that you want to upgrade, you might want to reconsider.

Now the display has also been rumoured to have always-on capabilities as other phones had for a few years. Apple’s own apple watch do people even felt that the glowing edges on the apple logo. The date from the apple event invitation could be a hint and then always-on display or it could have just been an invite with glowing edges on the apple logo.

Date now the notch returns for the fifth year, it’s not going away yet but a new design is expected to make it smaller. It is reported leaked components have shown it’s moving the speaker grille to the top edge. That allows the face id sensors and front-facing camera to be pushed together. Which would result in a smaller notch.

iPhone 13 design camera & processor

Now let’s talk about the internals before we get to the cameras. Like we do every year we’re expecting a faster and series processor inside. This time it would be using a new A15 Bionic processor using manufacturer tsmc’s.  New five nanometre plus process which is a performance-enhanced version. That will bring even more power efficiency and performance improvement.

So, if you combine that with the reports of an even larger battery and more power efficiency this could bring an even longer battery life. It will allocate just more juice to additional features like the always-on display.

iPhone 13 modem

The iPhone 13 will also bring the new snapdragon x60 third-generation 5g modem. That’s built on the 5-nanometre processor. Again, higher power efficiency and a smaller footprint compared to the previous chip. It will also be compatible with both flavours of 5g. So that’s millimetre wave and sub 6 gigahertz bandwidth for better speeds and better coverage especially with millimetre wave expanding internationally.

We know that there were rumours that it could access satellite networks for emergencies but that is not expected to happen in this year’s iPhone 13. But it could potentially be turned on in a software update for the iPhone 13 line-up in the future.


Now we talked about the larger batteries. if you’re looking for a power boost the new iPhone might support faster charging speeds for 25-watt power adapters. Reports say Apple could possibly sell one alongside the iPhone. You know they will not include it in the box what were you thinking, and then earlier reports claimed the iPhone 13 has a slightly larger wireless charging coil inside.

And that could bring improved heat management and higher wattage but also the possibility of reverse wireless charging. We know that last year MagSafe was just this huge point of emphasis and slowly but surely we started to see.

Some more accessories come out but not as many as I thought. If this really does have that much more battery juice reverse wireless charging could finally come to the iPhone. Now, how often though have I used it on other phones not often but I do still think it’s a nice feature to have. And it’s been on their phones for really several years already.



There have also been rumblings that this iPhone could bring a one terabyte storage capacity for the first time. That would be up from the current 512 gigs. A recently leaked capacity breakdown for the iPhone 13 showed no signs of a one terabyte storage. So, we’re going to have to wait and see there just hasn’t been enough credible confirmation

But it’s been mentioned as a possibility but maybe it’s not happening. Now I think the biggest potential for really the most exciting features for the iPhone 13. This is going to be all about the cameras now.

Reports say that the sensor-shift stabilization that was only on the iPhone 12 pro max will finally come to the entire iPhone lineup. It absolutely made a noticeable difference in my walking shots when I compared an iPhone 12 pro to an iPhone 12 pro max last year.

Now a digit times report claims the sensor-shift image stabilization will come to both the wide and ultrawide camera lens. A lot of focus for this year will be on the pro model cameras with an upgraded ultra-wide camera. This will bring an improved six-element lens with an improved f18 aperture.

That will let in more light compared to the current f2 for aperture. Now that’s going to result in better low light performance for the ultra-wide camera. The ultra-wide is also expected to get autofocus and allow for sharper images regardless of their distance from the lens.

Telephoto lens

Reports also claim that the iPhone 13 pro will get an upgraded telephoto lens that was found in the 12-pro max. So that bumps it up to a potential 2.5 optical zoom. But it’s still nowhere close to what we’ve seen on other phones with 5x or 10x optical zoom with periscope lenses. Now we’re still expecting a camera bump.

There are reports of an astrophotography camera mode that would turn on when pointing the camera at the sky and allowing for night sky shots. Now, reports say it could be just maybe a night mode enhancement, but this is a model that we’d be really happy to get in again already exists on other android phones.

Now when it comes to video the new iPhone 13 is expected to bring a new mode called cinematic video, which is a video version of the iPhone’s portrait mode. For stills, it would presumably use the lidar sensor for better accuracy but it’s the one feature that as a content creator. I’m really curious about it because is it just going to look like a zoom video. It is it going to be really something special mMNBzugore specific that we can play with.

Apple plans to also add an options record in the higher quality pores video format that’s going to result in huge files. But then also give video editors a lot more control for colour correction and editing in the post-production process. I like to think of it as bringing the pro raw format for stills, that we saw in last year’s iPhone to apple video.

This again will also be limited to the pro model iPhone according to the reports. When you look at all the upgrades it’s clear that the ones that are going to potentially stand out the most are an improved battery and an improved camera system. We know the design won’t really change but then this reminds me really of the iPhone 11 pro. A phone that i was expecting just to be like a ho-hum upgrade.

It excelled in battery life then its triple camera system was special, and it became one of my favourite iPhones ever alongside. I’d honestly say the very first iPhone and then the iPhone 4. So, maybe I’m just saying maybe the iPhone 13 pro has a chance to be that type of iPhone this year.

Now let’s also talk about what we do not expect to see on this year’s iPhone 13 family because what it won’t bring might matter for some of you people that we’re hoping for no notch.

The Fingerprint

The fingerprint scanner is not coming to the iPhone 13. In fact, a recent Bloomberg report claims apple’s plan for the iPhone line-up moving forward is to move away from touch id entirely. And focus on face id for them the priorities get the face id sensors to live really kind of under the surface of the screen.


What will Apple release in 2021?

The four models of the iPhone 13 line-up will have the same exact display sizes as the iPhone 12 line-up. Starting with the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 pro and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 13 pro max.
You’ll still have that same flat body, flat edges and rounded corner design that is still harsher to hold compared to the iPhone 11 line-up. I mean I just loved how that phone felt in hand. The thickness will reportedly increase by about 0.26 millimetres and the iPhone will be slightly heavier due to larger internal batteries now.

Will there be another iPhone released in 2021?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were delayed to October 2020, while the iPhone 12 small and iPhone 12 Pro Max were introduced in November of the same year.

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