2021 Fashion Trends: Key Looks You Can Shop Now


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It doesn’t matter which stores you shop, influencers you follow, or designers you love — fashion trends change from season to season. We will discuss 2021 Fashion Trends in this article.

Most fashion insiders will tell you that it’s better to have your own style than to blindly follow the trends of the moment. But it’s still good to know what’s happening, what’s in, what’s out, and how to wear the best new looks.

From maxi dresses to mini skirts, here are the 2021 fashion trends that you can shop right now (and should expect to start seeing everywhere).

Easy Maxi Dresses

In colorful patterns, bold prints, and vibrant florals, maxi dresses remain one of the biggest trends for 2021. Easy, breezy, flowing styles are incredibly versatile. You can dress them down with sandals and a crossbody bag for a daytime date, or dress them up with heels and a clutch bag for an outdoor summer wedding.

You can wear colorful printed maxi dresses anywhere; it’s all about how you style them.

They’re perfect for dinner by the beach or dinner in the city. You can wear them when you’re out shopping with your girlfriends or when you’re heading to a fancy brunch.

Opt for flowing A-line silhouettes with ruffles to give off a boho vibe. Choose kimono sleeve caftan-inspired silhouettes for relaxing at an island resort. Maxi dresses come in all sorts of shapes and styles, so it’s just a matter of finding one that you love!

If you’re on the petite side, prepare to head to the tailor, as most maxi dresses are usually too long for women under 5’5” (which is many of us!)

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Crop Tops and Bralettes: 2021 Fashion Trends

Crop tops certainly aren’t new, but they are trending for 2021.

If you spent your 2020 COVID quarantine working out and eating right, crop tops are the perfect way to show off your post-pandemic body. And if you got curvier over the past year, crop tops and bralettes are also the perfect way to flaunt those curves! 

The trick to wearing a crop top has absolutely nothing to do with your size, weight, or body type. It’s all about proportions.

Pair them with loose trousers, casual wide-leg pants, or a midi skirt for a chic look. Team a crop top with matching shorts for a playful daytime look. When it’s time for a night out at the club, pair your favorite crop with a tight mini skirt and sky-high heels.

Mini Skirts: 2021 Fashion Trends

Like the endless supply that we imagine fills Kim Kardashian’s closet, bodycon midi skirts are in — if you’re going for a chic evening look. Full, flared A-line midi skirts are still a trend if you’re channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw a la 2004. 

The midi skirt has returned, and it’s here to stay … but the mini skirt is also having a moment right now. Casual daytime mini skirts are a fun 2021 trend that anyone of any age can rock.

Whether you prefer slim, structured shapes, wrap silhouettes, or A-line cuts, you’ll find plenty of mini skirts to suit your every mood and style. Ruffled and tiered. High-waisted and fitted. Pleated and flared. All are on trend for this season.

We love the casual mini skirt because, like the maxi dress, they’re easy to dress up or dress down. Team a short pencil skirt with a pretty blouse and heels, or pair your favorite mini with a tee shirt and sneakers. They work for every occasion.

Wide Leg Pants: 2021 Fashion Trends

Skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings have become staples in all our wardrobes. But coming out of a year where we wore nothing but pajamas and lounge pants, it only makes sense that people want to feel a bit free in 2021.

Wide-leg pants are trending in every fabric, color, print, and pattern imaginable. From breezy linen styles with elastic waists to tailored high-waisted styles, wide-leg pants just might be THE trend of the year.

The wide-leg silhouette also works as a great balance to a crop top, a tailored blouse, a bodysuit, or a swim top. Wide legs are stylish for beach parties, dinner dates, office meetings, and everything between.

You can expect to see wide-leg pants carry through 2021 as a fall and winter trend. When the weather dips, designers and fashionistas will be pairing structured wide-leg pants with blazers. Achieving that tailored-on-tailored look that we saw on so many of the fall/winter runways.


Unlike the other trends to make this list, wide-leg pants are trending for men as well. For the guy who never embraced the skinny jeans look, this trend is a welcome one.

Full-On Opulence

We hate to attribute every 2021 fashion trend to the 2020 pandemic, but the fact is that COVID has completely changed the way we think. It’s also changed the way we plan to dress.

Think roaring 20s. Think glitz and glam. Think fringe and sequins and glitter and feathers. If there’s one trend you should embrace in 2021, it’s full-on opulence!

Go for the gusto in sequin dresses, glitzy crop tops, and sheer shimmer dresses. Don a tuxedo jacket. Layer on all your favorite necklaces. We’ve been cooped up with nowhere to go for the past year, so it only makes sense to step out in 2021 in looks that shine.

In 2019 we were anticipating 2020 as a year full of glamorous parties and lavish events. And since that never happened … 

We’re embracing this moment as our opportunity to usher in a new roaring 20s, full of all the decadence, glitz, and glamour possible.

Conclusion: 2021 Fashion Trends

Ready to put together some fresh new looks that you can wear tomorrow, this weekend, or next week? 

All these fashion trends are easy to find in stores and online right now.

So whether you’re heading to a wedding, gathering with friends for brunch, or heading out for a first date, 2021 is the year to do what you want to do. No matter your style, budget, or body type, anyone can pull off any of these trends and look absolutely amazing doing so.

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