Solar panels have gained immense popularity in the last decade, with more people switching to solar as a means of sustainable energy source. In fact, globally, many people are choosing to live off the grid with zero reliance on grid power and are completely self-sufficient when it comes to generating power to meet their requirements.

However, we don’t need to live completely off the grid to enjoy the fruits of solar energy as we can easily incorporate it into our lives while living in cities. Solar panel for home is an economical and efficient means to reduce our reliance on grid power to meet our daily power requirements and also helps us save a lot of money that is spent on electricity bills every month.

These days there are a lot of options when it comes to solar panels for homes. Amongst the many, Luminous is one such brand that is renowned in the market as a leader in providing state-of-the-art solar power solutions, including solar inverters and solar panels for homes. So whether you are looking for an add-on solution to your existing grid power or want to go completely off the grid – they have you covered!

If you too would like to explore solar energy as an alternative to your existing grid connection and would like to switch to a  more economical and environment-friendly power solution, we have you covered as we explore three solar panels for homes from Luminous you can buy in 2021.

Best Solar Panels
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#1 Solar Panel 105W / 12V Poly

This solar panel for home is priced at Rs. 3,357 and is great for homes due to its class-leading conversion efficiency. The panel is optically, mechanically, and electrically tested and has an anti-reflective coating for unrivalled light absorption for increased power delivery. The high-strength aluminum

frame design offers great torsion resistance against high winds and snow, and the panel is IEC standards-compliant.


Wattage (Wp) Details105 Wp
Type of PanelPolyCrystalline
Warranty Period60 months
Dimensions (L*B*T) cm(103.5*67.0*3.4) CM
Net Weight in Kgs8.2 kg
Short Circuit Current, Isc (A)6.28 A
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V)18.05 V
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)22 V
Maximum Power Current, Imp (A)5.82 A

#2 Luminous Poly Crystalline Solar Panel 165 Watt- 12 Volt (Pack of 2)

Best Solar PanelsThis Polycrystalline cell type panel is priced at ₹27,800 and delivers a Maximum Power Voltage of 18.65 V with a 25-year performance warranty. Moreover, the panel has the best conversion efficiency in its class, making it a cost-effective solution for homes looking to switch to solar.

The solar panels are excellent when it comes to converting solar energy to electricity in low light conditions, and the lightweight aluminum frame design gives the panel high torsion resistance against strong winds and heavy snow loads


Wattage (Wp) Details165 Wp
Type of PanelPolyCrystalline
Warranty Period60 months
Dimensions (L*B*T) cm(148.0*67.0*3.4) cm
Net weight in Kgs23 kg
Short Circuit Current, Isc (A)9.55 A
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V)18.65 V
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)22.84 V
Maximum Power Current, Imp (A)8.85 A
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#3 Solar Panel 395W / 24V Mono PERC

Priced a ₹14,628, this BIS certified Mono PERC Cell type panel has a capacity of 395W, 24V, and comes with a 25-year warranty. The panel is known for its class-leading conversion

efficiency and PID resistance technology that provides safety against power loss caused because of stray currents as a result of climate conditions.


Wattage (Wp) Details395
Type of PanelMono PERC
Warranty Period144 months
Dimensions (L*B*T) cm(198.6*100.1*3.5) CM
Net Weight in Kgs22.5 Kgs
Short Circuit Current (A)10.57 A
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V)39.40 V
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)47.28 V
Maximum Power Current, Amp (A)10.03 A

As a rule of thumb, always buy solar panels for homes from a reputed manufacturer as they offer the most value for money. Although local unbranded panels might cost less initially, they aren’t as efficient and will end up costing you more due to non-efficient performance. So, whenever you think you are ready to switch to this more sustainable power source, look no further than Luminous!


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