3 Wheel Mobility Scooter: Enjoy Riding Outdoors by Following Safety Precautions


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A 3 wheel mobility scooter is the best gift you can give yourself if you are suffering from mobility issues. When you are unable to cover even a small distance by walk, then it becomes essential to look for such mobility devices that offer you freedom. A mobility scooter is the perfect companion in such situations. It helps you to move around safely inside and outside homes by covering distances to supermarket and museums comfortably.  Moreover, it is equipped with necessary features that ensure safe and comfortable ride both on short and long distances during the day and the night time.

Factors to Consider Before buying 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Speed and usage of the scooter are the two most important factors necessary to weigh before purchasing any mobility vehicle. If you are planning to use a scooter mostly indoors, you should purchase a model with tight turning radius so that it can turn easily in smaller spaces. On the other hand, you should look for a rugged and robust model if you want to use it outdoors. Once you are out from your home, you cannot expect only even surfaces. Therefore, choose such a model which offers smooth ride on rough terrains as well.

Talking about the speed, when you plan to use it indoors, any scooter with an average driving range of up to 6 miles with one charge is enough to meet your needs. For covering long distances, a scooter with high driving range is essential. This ensures you will reach to your desired destination safely.

Safety Precautions

For using the 3 wheel mobility scooter safely on long trips, it is necessary to read its instruction manual carefully. For instance, always check the battery level of the scooter before taking it outdoors.  Checking the battery level will give you an idea that whether you want to recharge it before taking outdoors. Similarly, you need to always park your scooter in a dry area or under any shaded area so that rain and water does not affect its functionality. Besides these, there are certain rules which are necessary to follow when you drive these scooters on the road.

  • When you drive during the night time or in low-light areas, use high-intensity LED taillight and headlight. This clearly guides you the path and you can reach to your destination safely.
  • Stopping at the red lights and slowing down the speed while taking turns are some of the rules which every 3-wheel mobility scooter rider must follow.
  • Do not forget to maintain the center of gravity of the scooter by leaning forward if you are driving it on an upward terrain. The chances of tipping remain high if you do not lean forward in such cases.

Repairs of 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Whether you buy the scooter or take it on a rental basis, it is necessary to get it repaired on a timely basis. If you use the scooter on a daily basis, servicing and repairing at regular intervals is indispensable. And if you drive it once or twice in a week, take it to an authorized service station minimum once in every 6 months. The simple rule is more you take care of the scooter, more it will accompany you.

Whether you are looking for a stylish model or a reliable model of 3 wheel mobility scooter, you can easily find in the online marketplace. It is because myriad companies offer mobility scooter both in 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler configuration. The 3-wheel scooters usually come with weight holding capacities of 250-300 lbs. They offer safe and secure ride on even surfaces.

Some of the standard features of these scooters are padded seat with high backrest, tiller mounted basket, ample leg room space, head and taillight, storage basket, pneumatic tires, etc. Check every model and choose the one that meets your requirements and falls within your budget. You can even consider taking them on a rental basis if you cannot afford buying. So, make a wise decision.

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