4 Style Tips to Wear Men’s Board Shorts


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If you plan on hitting the shore anytime this season, getting your hands on a nice pair of board shorts is completely necessary. Men’s board shorts are one of the best inventions to enjoy your day by the beach with a functional outfit. For making your home stylish, you can choose Windows Bristol. There are no two opinions about the benefits of wearing men’s board shorts to the beach, they provide coverage without adding any unnecessary bulk or weight inside the water. 

While neon colored shorts are flashing through the fashion scene nowadays, 2021 is a pretty flexible time for fashion so if you know how to style board shorts correctly, chances are you can win the fashion scene. There are many brands offering performance-oriented board shorts for men but the right style tips and tricks can help you in elevating your whole look. 

In terms of functionality, always keep your eyes open for quick-drying fabric, super stretch and stitch free seams. The formula is that simple! 

But how do you style men’s board shorts and rule the beach? How do you keep it simple, easy and yet fashionable? Up next, some of the best and proven fashion tricks to style men’s board shorts to earn a 10/10 on the fashion meter this summer! 

Front Open Button Down with Long Board Shorts 

Nothing screams summer better than a front-open button down and what’s even better is that you don’t need to go on the hunt for it – we are pretty sure you have a white button down somewhere inside your closet. This particular way of styling men’s board shorts is as easy as 1,2,3 – all you need is to pair your favorite white button down with the most functional board shorts in your closet. 

And the next step? Leave the front open! This style makes a whole lot of sense in summers and will let the beach breeze also seep inside so you can enjoy your perfect beach day. If you own a full sleeves button down, feel free to roll up your sleeves till your elbows. This look is summery, casual and lets you enjoy a day by the shores while feeling at ease and looking your best. 

If you are feeling a bit tenacious, feel free to add a pop of color and pair a bright button down with board shorts. In addition to bright colors, pastels are completely in fashion nowadays. Nothing like a powder blue button down paired with board shorts. 

Long Vest Paired with Short Board Shorts 

If you have done your math about board shorts, you would know that there are both long and short board shorts and it is up to you to take your pick depending on which one suits your style or occasion more. This particular style tip is focused more on short board shorts which are the perfect combination of style infused with comfort. 

We all own a pair of some comfortable vests as our summer staple, or at least we would like to think we do. A vest is versatile and can be styled in a ton of different ways depending on the occasion. 

One of the top style tricks is to pair a solid colored white or black vest with patterned board shorts. The reverse is also true for a good fashion formula – you can pair a patterned vest with plain or solid colored board shorts. 

If you are feeling a bit more tenacious, you can add a beach hat to top this look off in style. Not to mention, a pair of sunnies are the perfect way to complete this beach-day look. 

Terry Polo Shirt with Board Shorts 

I know this style might come as a bit of a shock to you – but hey, we need to cover style tips for slightly fancier beach days as well. There are many styles when it comes to choosing your outfit depending on the type of vibe you may want to exude – we all know men who have the perfect polo shirt paired with khaki vibes and guess what? We like it. 

So if you are one of those men or know any of them who would like free fashion tips – listen up, nothing would look more original than styling a terry polo shirt (preferably in pastel hues) with long board shorts, a neat hair look and a pair of trendy sunglasses. 

This look is absolutely perfect for a beach date or even for a party by the shore especially if it is in the evening. The terry polo will feel comfortable in the evening breeze and also looks super cool. 

If you have a pair of white sneakers or branded shoes, that would add a more formal touch to the whole look and elevate your entire outfit even more. 

Board Shorts with Accessories 

And then there are some of us who are completely ready to show off their summer bodies in full throttle of the heat. In this case, there is nothing better than going all natural and just putting on a pair of long board shorts. We recommend long board shorts in this case if you want to add the perfect amount of modesty to the whole look and yet go bare. 

While this look is a style statement in itself, you can add some spice to this look by adding the perfect amount of accessories. Your bare chest makes for the perfect canvas for accessories. Add your favorite long chain and a pair of sunnies to complete the style! 


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