Icons in web design: 4 Things to note when using icons in web design


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Overview: icons in web design

Today, our everyday lives are surrounded by many technological advancements. Technology has changed the way we view and do many things. before, we used to do things manually. However, ever since technology has taken place, almost everything is being done digitally. Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. It has made things faster and more efficient. Technology has helped increase our productivity by making it possible to do many things at once. Influence everything that we do from the moment we wake up to the moment we close our eyes. We use it to communicate with our loved ones and even run basic errands. We are going to discuss about “icons in web design” in this article.

The benefits of technology are seen especially during the time that we are living in today. Since social and physical interaction should be limited, buying or acquiring food and other necessities became complicated. However, technological advancements help us adjust and adapt to the new things in front of us. one of these things is how we shop. Before, we can only buy things when we go physically to the stores that offer the goods and services that you want. Today, we can go on a shopping spree with just a few clicks on our phone.


Physical stores have been made available online through e-commerce websites. These websites have been made possible by web development Singapore innovations. They aim to make things easier and more convenient by providing an alternative to physical shopping. However, since there are already many businesses that commissioned a web development Singapore specialist, your website should stand out to generate sales. One of the things that you can do to generate sales is to have a good web design Singapore look. In web design Singapore surface, putting icons is one of the techniques to make your website stand out. To know more about an effective web design Singapore look, here are four things that you have to note when using icons in web design.

Avoid redundancy: icons in web design

It is important to note that “icons in web design” are there to help or aid the web development Singapore process. It should serve as a helping hand and not the main content of the website. An effective web design Singapore look should be something that serves as an aid in keeping your visitors in your website. However, as much as the text and icon should be connected, one common mistake is putting repeating messages. This practice can make your web design Singapore look unprofessional.

Must be connected to the text: icons in web design

Avoiding redundancy but still making your icon connected to the text may be complicated. However, a good web development Singapore encoder and designer can do the trick. Your icon shouldn’t stir far from what the text is saying. At the end of the day, the icon is there to aid in readability and serve as a visual aid for your text. It should be able to draw attention and not mislead your consumers. For example, if an icon is about beverages, your visitors should be able to see a product listing about beverages on that link. A good web design Singapore look is something subtle but not misleading.

Create interaction: icons in web design

It is also advisable to create interaction using these icons. For example, they should be clickable and should tell a story afterwards. Although there is nothing wrong with dead-end icons in web design. A competitive web development Singapore output delivers interactive icons for a more satisfying user experience. Your web development Singapore specialist should be able to create smooth transitions and easy-to-load icons for your website. An interactive website invites or makes a user stay in more and navigate more.

Customize: icons in web design

When it comes to web design Singapore look, it is more preferable when designs are customized. It adds a more personal touch to the website. This can give visitors a more positive impression on the website. Seeing personalized and unique icons in web design and other parts of the website is more desirable and attractive as it makes the website look more credible and professional. You can hire web designers to help you come up with unique icons(icons in web design) that are made especially for your product. Having similar icons or icons that are robbed from the internet can be a disadvantage.

Hire an expert today: icons in web design

The whole web development Singapore process is a complicated process especially when you don’t have experience. However, there are many web development firms that offer a comprehensive set of services that can help you. Wiz Marketing aims to provide every client with the best web development experience. Visit us today to know about our offers.

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