5 Easy Tweaks to Avoid Manual Data Entry Challenges


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Extraction and maintenance of data is a big deal in this digital era because businesses require it to make decisions. Data come in abundance and are not limited to finger counting, and handling them is an intimidating task. This is the reason why data entry professionals are always on the go to meet deadlines. Missing out some data or inaccuracy while organizing it is incorrigible. To handle this critical task, there are 5 easy hacks to overcome the challenges of manual data entry. In this post, you will learn about useful tips to enable the ease of manual data entry without making errors.

The Era of Data

Data collection and its management is not a trend but a long process since the 1890’s where manual experts entered data. Data is central to any business and with this the demands for manual data entry operators have only increased with time.

Not only this, businesses also outsource their data management tasks to trusted companies that meet their needs by undertaking duties that consume much of time and effort. So, data is here to stay because the world may rely on supercomputers and tech-oriented automations for sharing and storing data, but manual entry is economical, ideal for illegible fonts and ancient handwritten documents, bodes well for businesses who want to keep their initial capital costs low, and is free from the perils of cyber sabotage.

Data entry requires a set of skills inclusive of intense focus, affinity for numbers, right updated tools, and ascertaining minimal to no errors. Not even a single error is expected out of a manual data entry expert, for it can bring the business into a halt. So, data entry specialists cannot afford to make typographical, calculative, and time-consuming blunders, especially in this age of automated tools.

Preserving and managing data can be can be tedious. It also calls for proven risks. But there are certain ways to tune in with the right results and act like a data pro. Read them below:

Acquiring data from ideal sources

It is the best practice to avoid digital data inaccuracies because extracting data from prime resources eliminates many flaws. Whether it is government statistical data, demographics for marketing, or country census bureaus, you will also solicit the unbiased data. As for the information being provided, it is also your responsibility to cross check and verify if you have acquired the right information.

Mastering Data Entry Tools

Most of the data entry savvies befriend excel sheets. That consumes most of your time. The good news is, you can save yourself both time and effort by using auto-complete entries that are present under Excel’s Auto-fill feature. Fill data, formulas, figures and everything serially into the columns with just two taps.

The focus-oriented job

It is the prime responsibility of the manual data entry professionals to focus on their job for hours at end. Distraction of any kind can result in hard to identify errors. But it is not easy to maintain focus consistently, so fixing a schedule to plan the work establishes a healthy habit.  This way, it becomes easier to manage time, allow proper documentation, and provide better concentration to sit for hours. In a world of distractions, you can choose from the basic task lists, calendars, and reminders that allow you to prioritize work accordingly.

Checking the work

Mistakes are humane, but may create losses for businesses. The challenges associated with data entry may give rise to unnecessary typos that could lead to discrepancy in data. Having said that, it is not just enough to diligently enter the data. Proofreading is very necessary for the perfect output without any room for mistakes.

Avoid manual data entry challenges by hiring ecommerce data entry experts & save costs. The aforementioned tricks and tips can prove useful to rectify data entry challenges occurring in future.

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