5 Tips To Make Your Small Business Digital Ready


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Make Business Digital Ready: In this era of digitization, everything is available at the click of a button. Digitization helps small businesses to continue operating remotely and achieve their goals. It also results in increased work productivity, reduced administrative costs, reduced carbon footprint, and a high return on investments, thus making small businesses sustain in the evolving business environment.

However, digital transformation for small businesses is not without its challenges. A complete digital overhaul might not be possible overnight for your small business due to a lack of expertise, time, and funding. There could also be resistance from staff to adapt to the new advanced technology, which could at times make their work redundant.

Small businesses, therefore, most find it tough to go the digital way. However, you can slowly transform your business digitally by working on the below-mentioned tips.

Five Tips to make your Small Business Digital Ready

Tip #1: Prioritize your Budget and Time

Limited resources and time are the key limiting factors for small businesses on their journey to digital transformation. Work out a strategy to prioritize short-term and long-term business commitments based on your budget and time. For instance, one can go for subscription-based solutions for automating and streamlining some of their work. If budget permits, they can consider the help of an expert or external consultant for getting the new technology implemented.

For businesses that rely on the transfer of large files and data, you can try out this data transfer calculator and see how regular data transfer speeds fare against specialized technology like Aspera.

Tip #2: Get your staff on board about the new process

Going digital would mean a paradigm shift in your organization’s ways of working. Your employees would be the most affected, so they should be consulted and prepared to adapt to such a drastic transformation. A strategy should be in place highlighting how their work will be impacted, their roles/responsibilities post-digital transformation, customer handling, and similar matters. This will help the staff in understanding the need and importance of digitization and how they can best adapt to it.

Tip #3: Transfer data to the cloud for access to everyone

Businesses, as a part of their routine activities, undertake brainstorming and team-building activities. This could involve sharing heavy files and data for your team to work on. To ensure seamless data sharing and increased productivity while working remotely, it is better to transfer business-related data to a cloud platform. This would help the team to view, modify or use data conveniently. For instance, cloud storage mediums like Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox are some good cloud platforms offering free and pay-as-per-use storage options.

Tip #4: Enhance Data Privacy and Security

With employees working remotely, small businesses will have to focus on data security and strengthening data privacy features. For instance, opt for data security features that have multi-factor authentication.

Tip #5: Consider a Business Loan

Business loan interest rates are now quite affordable for small businesses. Consider going in for a business loan from a trusted lender. Business loan EMI calculators are also available to help you customize your business loan requirements.

Business Digital Ready

To sum up

Digital transformation is now being considered as the key for small businesses to operate under the new normal. It would help small businesses to make themselves digitally visible, thus creating a lasting impression on the ever-increasing tribe of digitally savvy customers, and also gain a competitive edge. Business loan from lenders are also available for small businesses, at attractive interest rates, to get their business digital ready.

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