5 Ways To Sell Email Marketing to a Skeptic


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Explain ROI 

The other factor that plays into evaluating a marketing medium’s merit is its return on investment. Despite all of the available marketing channels, email marketing still offers the highest ROI for all marketing tactics.

Research indicates that each dollar invested in email marketing provides an astounding $44.25 return on investment. Even the fiercest skeptics of email marketing can’t argue with this fact.

Describe Email’s Massive Reach 

The number of active email accounts is 3.6 billion. That means Facebook and Twitter do not compare to email in terms of sheer numbers. Billions of people use email daily, making it a credible medium in the eyes of marketers. More and more people are using their smartphones to access their email accounts wherever they go: at home, at the grocery store, even on the train during their daily commute.


Almost every inbound marketer knows that the key to successful inbound marketing is building relationships through online marketing. With marketing automation software you can build out personalized email marketing lists that allow you to communicate with thousands of people at once.

There is no other marketing channel that enables you to do this type of personalized marketing at scale as well as email. In doing this, you build and deepen relationships that lead to a purchase decision.

email marketing

Visibility and Deliverability 

Marketers now spend more time, effort, and money on educational resources for prospects and customers. Educative content can take the form of videos, infographics, e-books, and success stories. This content must be delivered to prospects, and email marketing is the most cost-effective and economical method for delivering it.

With the help of tools like GetEmail.io, you can easily find an email address. You can reach out to potential customers and your target audience. The best way to connect is to have your prospects consume your content and send you their email, allowing you to take advantage of that engagement.

It’s possible to reach your audience in other ways. Like posting content to your social media profile and getting your content seen in search engines and blogs. But, email is the only way your content goes directly to your prospects’ inbox. E-mail gives you more visibility than most other marketing methods and is more likely to remain in your customer’s inbox until they take action and delete it.

Data Analysis 

Another reason email marketing is still very relevant is that it is one of the most trackable forms of advertising. With email, you never have any ambiguity about how you are doing. You have your metrics front and centre whenever you open your email marketing reports.

You have detailed metrics on opens, click-through rates, and forwards. This new granular reporting system is central to digital marketing. It is where every channel and campaign is evaluated based on performance and metrics alone.

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