6 Best Adblockers to Remove Ads from Free Movies Streaming Websites


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Free streaming services for movies and TV shows are great in terms of the free and quick access that they offer to their users to the latest video content. The only problem with these free sites is the advertisement. Free websites for movies don’t have any other way than ads to make money. And it makes sense because all the content on these sites is free.

A few ads on the site are fine. The problem happens when a streaming service bombards you a lot of ads and popups at once. These ads don’t allow you to surf the website properly and watch the shows you want to watch. Movierulz Plz is the best example of a free site with frequent ads and redirects. 

This is where the Adblocker software comes in. You can install the Adblocker apps in your web browser to block out the unnecessary ads from movie websites.    

Here are some of the best Adblockers that you can install on your web browser to block ads and popups

  1. uBlock Origin

uBlock is available for both Chrome and Firefox web browsers. This is a simple yet efficient adblocker that is easy to install. You can tweak its settings and customize the adblocker the way you want to.

This app doesn’t just stop ads, it also saves your PC from malware and viruses. You can create custom ad filters using this app which gives you better control over what you see on a webpage. This browser extension is a must for you if you watch movies on free streaming sites.    

  • AdLock

AdLock is a highly effective solution for blocking out annoying ads from movies as well as all other types of free sites. Whether you are on a streaming site or a torrent download website, this app will allow you to get rid of ads from all these platforms.

You can go into the settings of this app and set it up the way you want to. You can whitelist certain sites and block out each and every ad and popup from a website. We highly recommend this app for a simple yet lightweight adblocker solution. 

  • Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad blockers in the entire world. This is a free app for blocking out ads from websites. The best thing about this app is its performance in blocking out frequent annoying ads.

This adblocker will help protect your privacy and would keep your system secure by preventing malware from entering into the system. This app works with most web browsers and delivers excellent performance on streaming websites for movies.   

  • Poper Blocker

Ads are annoying, pop-ups are even worse. Pop-ups are a pain in the neck because they can appear anywhere on the webpage. You have no other option but to use a blocker if you want to get rid of the pop-ups.

The Poper Blocker is an app designed just for blocking out pop-ups. This app prevents pop-ups from appearing on all websites. With the cross-platform support of this app, you can run it on most web browsers.   

  • NoScript

NoScript is designed for the Firefox web browser. This app goes a bit deeper and stops ads scripts from loading to your site in the first place. It doesn’t just block ads, it kind of removes them from your website.

This allows for a safer streaming experience for everyone. With NoScript, you can go to sites like kisscartoon, without any kind of worries. NoScript is the best lightweight solution for removing ads from movie websites.  

  • Opera Browser Default Adblocker

If you are not in the favor of installing 3rd Part AdBlockers, you can install the Opera Web Browser. This browser comes with its own default AdBlocker that allows you to block out ads without having to install additional software.

The performance of this built-in Adblocker is quite great and it is perfectly safe to use. This adblocker works on websites for movies, torrents as well as on free music streaming sites.

Final Words

There is a lot of free and paid adblocker software out there that you can check out. These adblockers protect your privacy and don’t let the ads disturb your streaming experience. We have talked about the best adblockers for web browsers that you can find out there in this article. Check out the Adblocker apps that we have reviewed here for removing all kinds of ads from online streaming services.

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