7 Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Resolve Them


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WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source CMS. Many businesses, bloggers, designers, etc., have websites powered by WordPress CMS. The fact that it holds a market share of up to 35% means that most people trust it when it comes to hosting websites of different nature. we are going to discuss “7 Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Resolve Them” in this article.

However, there are various security issues that users face when using WordPress. Most security issues arise because most users do not understand the security basics of using the platform. This article looks into some of the WordPress security issues and their possible solutions.

Here are some of them.

Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks have become standard on the internet today. This technique involves using trial and error to attempt to log in to an account or network forcefully. Most WordPress users have experienced this attack, primarily those that have login pages on their websites.

It is easy to become a victim of brute force attacks as WordPress doesn’t limit login attempts. As a user, you need to be alert to identify these attacks in good time. This will help you avoid getting suspended by your hosting provider, primarily if you are on a shared plan.

File Inclusion Exploits

You also need to be aware of WordPress website PHP code vulnerabilities. This is another common security risk that WordPress website owners have to deal with regularly. Attackers using this technique introduce malicious files to your system through themes and plugins, even if they are up-to-date.

By including some malicious codes into your files, attackers can gain uncensored access to your website’s database. The malicious files they use target various essential files, such as the WordPress website’s wp-config.php file.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is having the right WordPress plugins. Consider working with a web designer if you don’t know the plugins that help avert file inclusions. You can easily find some of the best web design agencies online today. 

These agencies have experienced staff who can help you to design your website, develop it, and market it to your target audience. They know all about WordPress website security tools, which is a plus in this digital age when security has become paramount.


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Malicious software has caused website owners all sorts of problems. Cybercriminals use it to gain access to a website and steal sensitive data from it. They inject malware to files on a website, compromise their security, and even change them, making their legit owners inaccessible.

There are thousands of types of malware that cybercriminals use. However, not every type of malware attack affects WordPress users, making it essential to know what to watch out for. Examples of malware that affects WordPress include; Backdoors, Pharma hacks, etc. Thankfully, they are all easy to clean.

Outdated Core Software

WordPress makes it extremely easy for people to build websites. This is because one doesn’t have to start from scratch when building a website on such a platform. The platform that you host your website on, such as WordPress, ensures proper functionality and security for your website.

WordPress developers regularly roll out new updates to ensure things flow smoothly. Failure to download updates in time can expose your WordPress website to various threats. WordPress doesn’t auto-download these updates; thus, you should ensure you check for updates regularly.

Denial-of-Service Attacks

The effects of denial-of-service attacks can be severe. Cybercriminals take complete control of a website that they succeed to attack with a DOS attack. As a website administrator or visitor, accessing a website after a successful DOS attack is nearly impossible. 

This stalls the operations of such a website, especially if it’s an eCommerce site. This attack’s risk is the potential loss of business as your clients cannot find your website online. It can also lead to customer mistrust once they learn that your website isn’t secure.

The worst scenario is where attackers steal customer data and use it for malicious intent. They can, for instance, expose it publicly, making customers fear transacting with your brand. In other cases, they may use customer data for scams and put customer reputations at stake.

You can consider several solutions when looking to prevent this type of attack. One but not very reliable way is to use various types of plugins. A more dependable solution is to ensure that you choose your hosting provider carefully. Selecting a dedicated and loyal web designer can also play a significant role.

SQL Injections

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SQL is one of the most used programming languages for WordPress. You can use it for data management, especially when looking to access stored website data. However, cybercriminals also use this same language to compromise WordPress website security and steal essential data.

Attackers commonly use SQL injections on websites that have lead forms, contact forms, etc. They enter information that contains some malicious code through these fields and contact forms. The best way to stop this is by using a plugin that detects malicious codes fed into the system, primarily in the form of special characters.

Outdated Themes and Plugins

One of the leading causes behind hacked WordPress websites is using outdated themes and plugins. It is with various themes and plugins that WordPress websites end up functioning efficiently. However, it is vital to understand that these themes and plugins sometimes get outdated and require updating.

Most website owners fail to implement these updates as soon as they get released by developers. This then leaves security holes that cybercriminals can exploit. As a website owner, you should not ignore update notifications or delay implementing them. This way, you reduce the chances of suffering a hack.


Those are some of the security issues that exist on WordPress. Although they do exist, the good news is that there are several ways to overcome them. One way to avoid getting into these challenges is by sticking to the CMS’s security best practices and being aware of the security risks mentioned above.

Arming yourself with the insights in this article will help keep you safe on WordPress. It has some of the best strategies that you can apply to minimize the vulnerabilities on WordPress. You can use any of the ideas shared above to keep your WordPress website safe and secure.

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