7 Creative ways you can improve your counter top Display Boxes


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Product placement and branding are the two main factors that work in the outlet sales. To attract customers to your selling spot, you have to come up with the marketing ideas. It is about making a real deal with the stuff and gets the customer attention. When you have the walk in customers, the next mission is to keep hook them with the products. In the facility, ultimate presentation of your product will keep the stick to your brand only. The countertop display boxes play a vital role in the overall procedure.

These Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes comes up with the best presentation of products on the most prominent spot of the shop. On counter customer can review the products and have more information about them. The only concern here is to make these boxes more creative. It should not look like random or similar boxes every time. The box design should be able to attract customer’s attention easily. Moreover, it has to be compatible with the product itself.

Use of Attractive Slogans

Captions, tag lines and slogans are one of the essential and worthy elements that work in any marketing strategy. You need to come up with the best slogans and tag lines that suit the product and enhance its value. Keep the text relatable that will affect the reader and attention grabbing at the same time. Just make sure to put some efforts on its presentation and colors as well. Some text fonts are friendly readable and attractive. So you need to end up with the attractive points that will make the slogan visible on the boxes. It turns out to be an impactful strategy and boost the product sales on the other hand.

Play with Colors

Whenever it is about creativity, you need to come up with the best of colors for sure. The colors are the best part of every product and are presentation. Make sure you are going to use the colors with their ultimate combinations and vibrancy. Do not fall for too many colors or too vibrant colors with the Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes. You need to maintain a balance between colors on the box. It needs to comply with the brand, product and placement zone as well. The colors should be bright but balanced, as it does not pinch the viewer at all. Eventually, you can end up with the ultimately balanced and colorful display box for the colorful products.

Apply Cutout Strategy

Cutout strategy seems three-dimensional for the viewers. It enhances the box look and makes it easier for you to highlight the product features. No matter if you are using the slogans, mark and label of the product, these can be in cutout format. If you are not into typical cutouts then you can place them as topper on the box. These are turned into the props for pictures and the box presentation as well. Eventual it will be an additional attraction for the customers in general. Remember, you need to make the Custom Countertop Display Boxes product and counter friendly. Adding more variations to it will help you to have the better and ultimate outcomes for sure.

Try Different Material

Using the cardboard only for the boxes is not a limit for life. You do have options to use the other material that is biodegradable and environment friendly. There is no doubt that cardboard is an ideal material for the job. But, it requires replacement after certain time. Instead, you can use eco-friendly but long lasting options that makes the box works better, look different and attractive at the same time. Not necessary you need to change the material on the box. But, add some of other things on or in it. The topper, add-on, cushion and fames in the box are essential as well. These things make it look different and appealing. On the cardboard, you can apply other materials to create a texture that is interesting and creative.

Make Product more Visible

The purpose of Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes is to make the product visible and display better. Remember, you are not selling the box on counter but the product in the box on counter. So, in the box there have to be ample space to place the product visibly. Hiding or mixing away the product in the box will not benefit you at all. Eventually it can cause a reduction in the product sales. Design the box according to product theme that everyone at the first glance can recognize the product. Thankfully, due to our marketing techniques, some products have their recognition. In case of these product on do not have to name it. People already know the product just need to see it once.

Do not add multiple Elements

Adding multiple elements in the countertop boxes to make them appealing and creative is a bad practice. It is something that will not bring you the ultimate outcomes. In fact, mixing up multiple things will nullify the impact of each factor. Eventually you will have a heavy and messy counter top display box. It will not be highlighting your product or coming up with extensive customer interface. The customers get confused or prefer to avoid the complex things. A lot of colors and cutouts with slogans and many other things will complicate the overall product for them. You need to use the limited and appropriate strategy for the effective box outcomes.

Use various Sizes and Styles

In order to make the Countertop Display Boxes more creative, you do not have to deal with the colors always. Sometime, it is about making changes to the styles and sizes. We normally have standard size countertops and then come up with the standard boxes. But, there has to be some changes and additions to normal for sure. Sometimes, you have to be creative with these boxes and try different styles.

Making round and square shape boxes is a regular job. Why not come up with some oval, heart and rolling boxes for display. Multilayer custom counter top display boxes can be an addition to the family. It will make an impact on the consumer and lets you display more products at a time.

Additional tips to Display the Countertop Boxes Better

Designing the Countertop Display Boxes Wholesale is not the ultimate thing you need to keep in focus. Along with the design and production, the placement of the box matters a lot. It is one of the integral and impactful factors that help you in making a huge difference. Without ultimate presentation, you will never be able to get the right outcomes for sure. Just keep in mind; you need to work on the placement and display strategies for these boxes. It will help you in observing a great improvement for sales.

Nearest to cash counter

Cash counter it the integral spot where your customers stays with attention. Placement of any product or the countertop display boxes will increase the chances of confirmed sales. You need to ensure these boxes will be doing good there and have prominence. Eventually it can help to turn out the things best for sales.

Keeping in Reach

The Countertop Display Boxes USA should be placed in reach for the customers all the time. They should be able to access the box and products in it. Eventually they can check out the stuff, its texture and then buy the product immediately.

Follow the tester Policy

In certain products such as cosmetics or perfumes, it is not possible to buy them without trying out. For the consumers it is essential to try out the product first and then buy it. In the custom countertop display boxes, you can place the samples and swatches of these products. The small size tester products are an attraction for the customers for sure. It eventually helps to make the customer experience the product free and then move towards the purchasing. You can make the ultimate use of these boxes and testers to boost sales as a whole.

Tag as Exclusive

Anything that comes exclusive always attracts people at large. You need to come up with the best of options at a time. Make sure you are going to tag the countertop products as exclusive. It can be a strategy to make things work for you best in time. Just mark them as selected top products for the customer. It can help in getting the right product displayed for the right customers. Moreover, the customer feels valued and come backs to your every time. Moreover, you can place offers on the custom boxes in display boxes to increase awareness about them.

Make it a Ritual

Placing exclusive or discounted products in the display boxes should be a ritual for your store. It is not essential that everything come from the manufactures. As a retailer, one can offer some exclusive products for the customers. It helps in getting better sales and customer loyalty. Later they can come up with the intention to buy best-priced items. You can make a great deal for the quality sales.

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