7 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Display Packaging


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The competition in the market is elevating with every passing day. It is now essential for all marketers to use exotic and innovative marketing tactics to drive their sales higher. Now several product manufacturers are functional in the society that provide their products at competitive rates, and the need for promotion is simply high. Display packaging can ultimately help the businesses as it has top-end marketing and promotional potentials along with a highly protective nature. These boxes are manufactured of high-quality Kraft and cardboard materials and can also be printed with any desired illustrations and graphics.

The Prelude

Initially designed for the protection of products, the packaging is also now an integral part of any enterprise’s marketing theme as the functionality of the design is matchless. These boxes are not only perfect for keeping the risks of contamination and damage away from the products but also serve well to allure the consumers in the market. At the start, packaging was only considered as the protective barrier for the products against physical impacts, contaminates, moisture, dust, bacteria, etc. The design was never intended for the marketing and promotion of the products, but with the advanced printing and manufacturing technology now available for the packaging, these boxes are perfect for businesses to elevate their reach in society.

Businesses can use the top-end exotic designs of packaging for their promotional process and allure a majority of consumers towards their product line in the market. They can also use the printing and lamination options to elevate the appeal of the packaging in front of consumers.

How Packaging can help in the Promotion

Due to the sheer competition in the market, promotion is one of the essential ways for businesses to elevate their reach in the market. Businesses are now looking for innovative marketing tactics that can help them make the sales of their business drive higher, and packaging can always come in handy. Unique box designs such as display packaging boxes can prove to be perfect in the situation as it serves the protective functions perfectly along with alluring the consumers in the market and communicating to them about the rich nature of products.

These boxes are manufactured of high-quality cardboard and Kraft materials that are sturdy in nature and can help to keep the risks of physical impacts and contamination away from the products. Cardboard and Kraft are also highly customizable and can be printed with digital and offset printing. Businesses can print the packaging in any desired graphics and illustrations along with their marketing theme to get better sales outcomes in the market. 

Pros and Cons of Display Boxes

Presentation of products is highly essential as it can help the businesses elevate their reach and sales in the market. According to recent studies, the majority of consumers in the market are leaned more towards the packaging that is captivating and exotic in nature. Presentation boxes are highly valued by all businesses as they have the top-end characteristics to elevate the sales of businesses. They communicate to the consumers about the rich nature of products in addition to the ultimate ability to hook their attention.

These boxes are also perfect as they are versatile in nature and can be customized according to the precise requirements of the products to ensure their integrity. Moreover, these boxes are also highly sustainable and can be reused again and again to manufacture packaging. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this packaging that can help you understand its efficiency in a better way.

Competitive Advantages it provides

Due to the modern customization and printing techniques available for the packaging, boxes used for products are more like their ultimate marketing medium. This packaging can be printed with specialized illustrations and graphics depending upon the requirements of the products and can effectively help to elevate the reach of products in the market. They are also highly sturdy and protective in nature and have the ultimate ability to keep the risks of damage and contamination away from the products. Display packaging provides ultimate advantages to the product manufacturers as it serves them as the ultimate backbone in the marketing process. Here are some of the top advantages this packaging solution provides to businesses.

  1. It serves to keep the risks of contamination and damage away from the products as the structure of the design is highly sturdy and resists all sorts of damaging factors well.
  2. These boxes help to make the shipping and handling of products easy.
  3. They can be customized precisely according to the requirements of the products as the packaging materials are versatile.
  4. It helps to keep the surrounding environment clean due to the sustainable nature of the packaging materials.
  5. There are endless printing options that assist in making the visuals of the packaging pop.
  6. These boxes are perfect for bridging the gap of information between the product manufacturer’s ends to the consumers.
  7. They are ultimate to make the consumers remember the name of your business

Shortcomings of the Designs

There are also certain limitations of this packaging solution as absolute perfection of packaging is a myth. As display packaging boxes are manufactured with cardboard and Kraft, they are sensitive against moisture, sharp objects, heavyweights, etc. here are some of the limitations of the design.

  1. They are unable to resist heavyweights as they will smash the cardboard.
  2. In the absence of special moisture-resistant layers, the damper can result in excessive damage to the products placed inside this packaging.
  3. Sharp objects may tear the packaging materials and make the packaging solution useless. 
  4. These boxes are difficult to handle in the absence of external grips.
  5. Specialized printing options for these boxes are usually expensive.
  6. In the absence of inserts, products may smash against one and another.
  7. Presentation of products without custom printing is highly difficult. 


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