7 Myths About Nightfall: Busting The 7 Myths of Nightfall


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Nightfall is also termed as sleep orgasm or nocturnal emission. While it is mainly associated with adolescent boys, it is also common in adults. Nothing is alarming about it. It is just the emission of seminal fluid when the person is fast asleep. The nightfall or unconscious ejaculation mostly occurs late at night (hence the term nightfall) or during the wee hours of the morning. There are several myths about wet dreams as few think it reduces the penis or immunity. Furthermore, few are of the thoughts that it only occurs to men. These thoughts have been prevailing for such a long time that it is time to burst the bubble of these myths. This article will discuss “7 Myths About Nightfall” following the facts to get an accurate picture of nightfall. But first, let us take a look at the scientific causes behind nightfall

Do not let nightfall cause you any form of stress or anxiety: it is a natural biological phenomenon.

Various Causes Of Nightfall

There are several causes of nightfall. It can be caused due to weak penile nerves or as a result of not having sex for a long time. Sometimes, sexual or erotic dreams turn a person on, leading to wet dreams. Watching excessive sexual content and pornography is also one of the many reasons behind what causes nightfall.

Symptoms Of Nightfall

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of concentration
  • Premature ejaculation
  • If the prostate gland is inflamed, there will be a burning sensation before and during the urine.
  • There will be involuntary leakage of semen in the underclothes.
  • Cramps in legs and back
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7 Myths About Nightfall Which You Should Not Believe In

  • It is believed that wet dreams or nocturnal emissions reduce a man’s sperm count. But it is a myth. This is because, during wet dreams, the testicles get rid of old sperm to form new, healthier sperms.
  • The common myth which prevails is the idea that only men or boys go through nightfall. It is wrong because even women have wet dreams leading to vaginal secretions and orgasms. Though men see more wet dreams because of their erections at night, that does not mean women don’t.
  • Wet dreams are said to reduce immunity, such as cold and infection- This is a myth and utterly irrational because immunity has nothing to do with nightfall. Moreover, it is beneficial for the male reproductive system because it reduces the excess sperms in the testicles.
  • Few people are of the notion that nightfall occurs only during puberty- No, puberty is the time of hormonal changes. So, wet dreams are frequent during that time. But in general, nightfall can take place at any age. In adults, wet dreams are not frequent because their hormones are consistent, unlike during puberty. It is, however, frequent among adolescent boys because neither do they masturbate nor do they have sex. Hence, wet dreams enable them to get rid of the old sperm cells.
  • Wet dreams are allusions to normal healthy occurrences and healthy sexual occurrences. Hence, this is a myth that wet dreams imply underlying illness or medical conditions.
  • It is believed that masturbation reduces wet dreams. It can reduce the frequency of wet dreams, but it cannot stop wet dreams. Hence, once again, this is a myth because no such proof is found yet. Hence, this topic is open to experimentation.
  • Many people think that wet dreams might lead to a decrease in the size of their penises. This is an entirely wrong idea as the size of the penis has no relation to wet dreams. Moreover, there are no methods, illness, or natural phenomena which increase or reduce the size of the prostate.

A person should always be clear about these 7 Myths About Nightfall or misconceptions because such misguided information can both affect his psyche as well as his sexual life. A healthy sexual life can only be built if a person gets the right idea about things that directly affect his body. So, stay away from such rumors as they do not take much longer to pass from a common perception into being nothing less than a cultural myth. It is also essential that you pass this information to others, so they do not fall prey to similar misconceptions. 

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