With the use of marijuana ruled illegal in most states in the U.S., many users look to black market dealers for their marijuana products. Unfortunately, this encourages a lot of criminal activities which are harmful to everyone in the community.

To reduce the crimes associated with marijuana sales and distribution, some states in the U.S. have legalized the sales of marijuana by licensed dispensaries. Examples of such states include New York State. So if you are in New York City and looking for the best marijuana doctors in the city, DigiDrs are best medical marijuana doctors in New York.

Reasons to Buy Marijuana at a Dispensary

To Avoid Supporting Criminals

One of the major problems behind the legalization of marijuana is that it supports criminal activities. This is because black market dealers get their marijuana from illegal sources. Their organization is associated with many criminal activities such as money laundering, violence, adulterated substances, etc. Buying from dispensaries will discourage the activities of these criminals.

To Protect The Environment

Illegal marijuana growers mostly don’t love the environment because they are not obligated to follow the rules and regulations. They may end up using fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that are toxic. Some of the chemicals in these substances are so poisonous that if they get washed up into groundwater or rivers, they will cause serious harm to the environment, animal life, and even humans that depend on these water systems.

Keeps the Economy Running

When you buy your marijuana products from the dispensary, you help with circulating the money in the economy. However, marijuana products bought from the black market affect the economy. This is because the money that should be in circulation and helping the economy grow, maybe leaving the state and even the country entirely.

Research shows that the economy loses millions of dollars to the black market yearly, which affects the lives of millions of people in the country. Buying from a licensed dispensary is your little way of contributing to the growth of the economy.

Boosts The Agenda of Legalizing the Marijuana

The use of marijuana products is still illegal in many parts of the world, and a major reason for that is the abuse of this drug. However, with the discovery of many essential benefits marijuana has to offer, many advocates have been pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Buying marijuana illegally weakens the agenda of legalizing its use.

Buying from Dispensaries helps marijuana activists influence its use in future policy reforms. The more users buy their marijuana from a licensed dispensary, the better and stronger the argument for legalizing it becomes.

Reduced Health Risks and Harmful Exposure

Marijuana grown by illegal growers may pose serious health risks to users. This is because these illegal growers don’t have any legal incentive to use the right cultivation techniques. Also, they don’t have any obligation to give their users assurance about the product they are consuming.

On the other hand, dispensaries are licensed and certified to sell marijuana strains and products. Therefore, all the products they sell must be cultivated under strict regulations according to the law. The process these dispensaries use includes subjecting their marijuana strains and products to strict lab testing procedures to ascertain if it’s free of molds, toxins, and other contaminants.

Many marijuana users may not consider this a problem because they have been using it illegally for years now. However, studies show that continuous use of contaminated marijuana strains and products over a long time could result in serious health problems.

More Available Options

Buying at a dispensary is to your advantage because you have quick and easy access to more marijuana strains and products options. This is because medical dispensaries are licensed dealers offering a a wide range of these marijuana strains and products.

With a local dealer, you may be able to purchase a few different strains of marijuana and some products like cartridges. However, it is rare to find dealers with a wide assortment of quality strains, oils, edibles, capsules, tinctures, and vape pens, that are also safe. Also, these dealers may not know much about the formulation and potency of those products.

Free Expert Advice

Dispensaries have professional support that has strong knowledge about the use and efficacy of different marijuana strains and products. They will let you know all about the risk associated with every marijuana strain or product you purchase and inform you and the proper usage of these products. Most illegal dealers may not let you in on these risks for fear of losing their customers.

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