Rust players: Rust has amassed a great deal of popularity among gamers who enjoy playing survival games. While the game offers an immersive experience with a great blend of PvP and PvE elements, it can also be quite challenging. Like many of the top games in this genre, there is always something to learn that would help you play better. Even players who have been playing Rust for a while can benefit from learning new tricks. 

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Here are seven tips for Rust players of varying skill levels

  1. Be wary of wild animals

Other players in the game aren’t the only enemies that you need to worry about. Wild animals, such as bears, pose a major danger too. This makes it crucial to stay alert and keep an eye out for any lurking predators. You might also want to get yourself a bow, as ranged weapons give an extra edge against wild animals. 

In the beginning of the game, you would benefit greatly from hunting animals to obtain various resources, such as bone fragments, animal bones, leather, cloth, etc. Building your knowledge on where to find which animals would be extremely helpful. 

  1. Use rust hacks

Even experienced players often overlook the advantage that hacks and cheats can deliver. Wallhacks, for instance, would let you spot enemies hiding behind walls and plan accordingly. An aimbot can help you shoot moving enemies with great accuracy, irrespective of visibility conditions. 

No matter how skilled you are, you would find it difficult or even impossible to beat a player who uses high-quality hacks. By deploying the best Rust hacks out there, you can get an edge against most players and experience yourself at the same level as others using similar hacks. 

  1. Choose the right hacks

With regards to the above tip, you would also want to pick the right hacks. The cheats you use should be not only accurate but also be able to avoid detection.. The websites that offer the Best Rust hacks for you test the algorithms regularly to make sure they are safe. 

Using hacks that are easy to detect would only end up getting your account banned. It is always wise to check out the reviews and ratings carefully before purchasing a Rust hack. After all, you would wish your investment to be worth your money, right?

  1. Kill only when necessary

This is crucial if you are playing solo. Plenty of players make the mistake of running around and killing other players just for fun. However, this is only counterproductive as you would be putting yourself at risk by getting into fights that don’t matter. 

It is advisable to attack a player only if needed. Try to kill your target with a single shot so that they still have a complete inventory for you to loot. In this aspect, Aimbots can be of great help as they optimize your accuracy and help your bullets deal the intended damage. 

  1. Do not chase your opponents

If you are winning a fight and your opponent starts running away, it might seem tempting to chase them down. However, it would be wiser to let them be and continue on your way. In case the escaping player is playing with a team, he could easily lead you into an ambush. 

You could even end up in an area that is unfamiliar to you and ridden with traps. In such cases, chasing the enemy wouldn’t be worth it at all and would backfire instead. Especially if you are playing solo, chasing your enemies is simply too dangerous. 

  1. Do not stock up on excess resources

For sure, you need to farm the resources you need whenever the opportunity arises. However, make sure not to overdo it. Unless you can use up the materials fast or actually have enough storage space to keep them safe, you would lose the materials upon dying. 

Instead, prioritize building a base in a safe spot and get your essentials covered. Only once you have settled in safely, start thinking about hoarding extra resources. Hoarding on excess amounts of resources early in the game would also be a waste of valuable time. 

  1. Build a furnace

Once you have your basics covered, start working towards building a furnace. This is because the weapons you would be using at the early stages would be useless later on. This means that you need to craft better weapons. 

However, the next tier of weapons requires metal and sulfur ore and forge your weapons out of them. You would need 200 stone, 100 wood, and 50 low-grade fuel to build a furnace where you can forge these weapons


If you haven’t tried these out already, it would be smart to do so at the earliest. You would surely find these to help increase your chances of survival and success. 


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