8 Adventure Sports Spots In And Around Delhi: Must Visit


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What comes to your mind when we say, “Delhi”? Food near Chandni Chowk? Books at Daryaganj? Shopping at Sarojini? But we can bet, it’s not adventure. Well, that’s about to change and fast.
Just like any other metropolis, Delhi has its share of adrenaline junkies who love to get away from the hustle bustle of the moribund Delhi streets to sample the latest flavor of adventure. And luckily enough for us, adventure enthusiasts, the capital is soon to become the adventure capital of India as well.
Till date you have heard of adventure sports and extreme sports in neighboring towns and cities like Himachal, Chandigarh and Uttaranchal, now it’s Delhi’s turn to make its mark as far as adventure sports is concerned. Let us construct a map that will give you a taste of the adrenaline fueled trip you are about to take without having to travel unending miles! after reading you surly plan a Delhi tour packages

Indian Mountaineering Foundation, South Campus

This is quite the adventure zone inside the bounds of the city. If you are looking for some pure, hard work to make you feel rewarded at the end of a long tedious week, then the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is definitely your haunt. Located next to Springdale’s School, Dhaula Kuan, this place remains open from 9am to 11am and 4pm to 8pm in the winters and 8am to 12noon and 5pm to 9pm in the summers.


ATV Adventure ride and Dirt Biking, Malpura

ATVs are banned from most Indian roads, however that doesn’t stop us from owning or riding one, right? So what are you waiting for? Shed off all your apprehensions and check in for a thrilling ride on the powerful ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles in Malpura. The 200 CC ATV bikes make for a complete package to satiate your thirst for adventure and wonderful memories.

Flyboy Air Safari, Gurgaon

This is what most adventure addicts daydream about. The Flyboy Air Safari is like the perfect portmanteau of paragliding and Go-Karting. Soar like a bird in the clear blue skies and wave goodbye to the boring old streets of the city meandering underneath. Fly with the pilots who take all responsibility of your safety. From Kitty Hawk to Fly Yourself packages, choose how long and how high you soar in the skies of Delhi.


Sky Diving, Delhi

If you are bored with your mundane job and life, take a leap of faith. About 10,000 feet above the ground. From a moving plane. With nothing but a parachute strapped to your back.
If this doesn’t make you fall in love with life, we do not know what will. This is simply an exhilarating experience which no one can explain in simple words. You won’t even have to travel out of the city to become an expert in the art of “free falling”. Although we recommend going during the autumn-winter months for enjoying the most of it!
Cost: variable

Power paragliding, Sohna, Gurgaon

The power Paragliding adventures offered near Gurgaon definitely knows how to keep your spirits soaring sky high. The Sohna Resort located in Gurgaon has been built to cater to the whimsies and fancies of adrenaline addicts from all over the country. From land to air, you can test your might everywhere at the Sohna resort. But we especially recommend the Power Paragliding experience where you can soar in the pristine skies with the help of trained professional pilots. Indulge in Air Safaris that wash away your city-borne tedium.

Paintball, Gurgaon

 A few kilometers away from the heart of the city, this kickass location gives you the perfect chance to paint your blues away. A wonderful, quaint drive away from the city bedlam leads you to the Shootout Zone located near the Chattarpur metro station. This is an ideal getaway for students as well as kids, since it is extremely easy on the pockets and at the same time, tons of fun.

Zorbing, Camp wild, Dhauj

Zorbing is lazy, fun and at the same time, extremely interesting. This is a new world sport which places you inside a gigantic, transparent balloon a.k.a orb. Next, you speed downhill on a hilly terrain, bounding, bouncing, colliding with your friends you make for the planes. This is a truly unique and fun activity carried out at Camp Wild in Dhauj for the committed seekers of adventure.

Ziplining, Neemrana

 Ziplining is a comparatively new adventure sport in the repertoire of adventure sports in India. In addition to the adrenaline rushing experience you get a wonderful drive/ride away from the bustling city life, which is quite the added bonus. The zips here have a number of varieties, while some are short and fast others are comparatively slower and longer offering grand panoramas of the Aravalli Mountains in the backdrop. Each zipline tour takes about 2 to 2.5 hours and keeps you craving for more.


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