8 Signs You’re Ready For A Career Change


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Career Change: Whether you’re constantly daydreaming about ditching your desk job or rolling your eyes when the alarm clock buzzes each morning, feeling unhappy at work can contribute to stress, poor mental health, and strain your personal development. While most employees find themselves counting down the minutes until the clock strikes 5 pm on a Friday, chronic displeasure with your career is a sign that you may need to make a change. 

If you’re unsure whether it’s time for you to seriously consider switching up your work life, check out these eight signs that you’re ready for a career change. 

You daydream about moving 

If you frequently fantasize about switching up your geographical location and leaving your job in the dust, you might require a job change. After all, moving might offer the ultimate escape from a job or lifestyle that you don’t enjoy. Although easy to think about, making the big move can feel daunting and challenging. 

If you’re ready to head to a state with a better or different job market, be sure to take care of the essential steps that will help you move with ease. Hiring a moving company or investing in car transportation services to transport your car to your new life will help lighten your load as you make a significant transition.

You hate to talk about work 

If you find yourself cringing when acquaintances or new friends ask you what you do for a living, your hesitance to discuss your work may indicate the need for a change. Whether you’d prefer not to talk about your professional life because you’re embarrassed about your personal finances, don’t personally align with your line of work, or dread having to think about your job outside of the office, a change of pace is likely in order.

After all, the right career change should excite you enough to incentivize a willingness to discuss your work with your peers. Consider exploring industries that better connect with your values and skillsets so that you’ll feel optimistic about sharing your work next time your friends ask. 

You don’t have time for your personal life

When it comes to enjoying a fulfilling life, balance is vital. If you’re staying clocked in for so long each week that you hardly have time to connect with family and friends, engage in hobbies that you enjoy, or take care of your health, you would likely benefit from a shift. 

While putting in extra work to further a career you enjoy is no crime, grinding in an industry that doesn’t bring you joy or fulfillment can quickly fill you with regret. If you notice that you’re growing resentful of the amount of time you spend at work, consider shifting to an industry or career that demonstrates respect for your time. 

You aren’t learning new things at work

Sometimes, a job can leave you feeling like you have nowhere to go but down. If you’ve earned all of the promotions you can see yourself achieving, have truly mastered your craft, or simply aren’t growing intellectually and professionally, you’d likely find a new career more satisfying.

When your work has grown stale, you’ll notice that your professional fulfillment dwindles. Those who have maxed out their learning potential should investigate new careers that will contribute to their advancement as employees and people. 

You don’t think your work matters

Employees considering a career change may need to have a challenging but genuine conversation regarding how worthwhile they perceive their work to be. Do you think your work matters? Do you feel that you’re contributing to society substantially and meaningfully? Are you personally fulfilled or rewarded by the job that you do? 

If your answer to these questions is “no,” you might view your job as nothing more than a way to earn money and be due for an alternative career that makes you feel proud of your contribution to your community. 

You have to force yourself to get out of bed

While everyone experiences days when hitting the snooze button and staying curled up in bed sounds appealing, chronic struggles to motivate yourself to hit the road and get to work may indicate a more pernicious problem. Experiencing a consistent lack of motivation and dreading heading to the office is a sign that you might not be in the right profession for yourself. 

Your personality has changed

When employees feel resentful toward their careers, they may become more irritable, less friendly, and even distant from their loved ones. Suppose members of your social circle have noticed that you’re spending more time complaining and stewing and less time enjoying experiences with peers. In that case, you should consider that your negative relationship with your job has influenced a change in your personality. 

Once your professional life begins to take a toll on your perspective, attitude, or demeanor, it’s time to get out. 

All of the above

When you connect with internet articles, discussions, or television shows that suggest you may need to quit your job, you probably should. 

Final word

Once you’re ready to take a leap of faith and get back on the new-job-interview saddle, you’ll be glad you trusted yourself and prioritized your wellbeing. Once you acknowledge the signs that you’re ready for a career change and embrace a job that makes you happy, your new life will reward you with so much more than just a paycheck. 

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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