8 tips for designing effective custom DVD storage box printing


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Whenever there is a concern regarding the long life and safety of DVD disks, the consequent solution is almost always a DVD storage box. Not only do these boxes provide a profound safe house for the storage of fragile and easily damageable disks, but they also look extremely refreshing and good if they are designed in an appropriate manner. Designing cardboard boxes can be a lot of fun and a good source of business or brand promotion as well. Not just that, but even for home based users, the designing of these boxes can help to express a number of things depending upon the situation and circumstances. Generically speaking, here are eight of the most profitable tips that can be followed while designing the printing patterns of these boxes, which would give you the most practical and profit oriented results if applied properly.

Know your purpose: 

Honestly speaking, if you are getting yourself some custom packaging for the sake of cleaning up and sorting out your home storage area, then getting involved in high end printing and stuff is not even required. All you have to do is stick some indicators (labels, stickers, sticky notes, etc.) on your boxes, and you can store them safely without the hassle of having to open each one to find out what they hold. However, if you are on to something big and your end purpose of getting custom printed boxes involves your professional pursuits as well, then investing in quality printing, and rich designs is the best thing to do.

  1. Add a touch of excitement:

If you are the owner of a DVD store and want your customers to check out your storage boxes so that you can sell a little more, then adding some exciting elements to them may turn out to be a lot more beneficial than you probably anticipate. For an example, if you add a special barcode on your box printing that can earn your customers a special discount, you are in for a lot more people skimming through your printed DVD storage box. People love to get something for free in every way that they can.

  1. Follow the themes:

Another brilliant way of making the most out of your printed DVD storage box is to make it match the trending theme of the time that they are displayed on your shelves. These boxes are looked out by as many people as your shop welcomes in a day, and the fact that they are representing the trending causes and themes of the current times or any issues that are the current talk of the town would make the people believe in the freshness of your collections.

  1. Go Graphical:

The original jacket or case of your DVD would already be having more than enough information about the material that is stored in the digital disk. Why not use the printing area allowed on your box for some other purposes, like making the people get attracted towards checking the whole box out? Enchanting visuals or graphics never seem to lose their importance when it comes to creating a hype about something. Adding them to your storage box can not only make the customer’s heads turn towards the heroes or characters they are looking for instantaneously, but it would also save their shopping time and make your shop aisles look a lot more vibrant and buzzing.

  1. Flaunt your banner:

There is no denying of the fact that the cardboard boxes that are used for the pursuits of your business can flaunt and carry your business logos and shop banners in the coolest and effective way. You can call them a walking marketing agent for your business. When it comes to storage boxes for digital disks, you can actually flaunt your shop banner on them in the most amazing way while printing out all the extra positives that your business or shop may be offering to its loyal, returning, or new customers.

  1. Make wise choices:

Your storage boxes can be as expensive and useless and as affordable and productive as you want them to be. The mantra lies in the choices that you make as advised before that the purpose of your box and its utility matters the most in every way and especially when you are making a selection of the material that is to be used for their making and the inks that are to be applied on them. Modern printing techniques and advanced technology have left nothing behind that cannot be applied and used for the sake of box printing and manufacturing. So when you make your choices, chose according to your budget only since you can actually make a very productive buy while staying within your budget limits no matter how minimal it is.

  1. Make use of your inks:

Wait! What? Can you use your inks? Yes, you can. Modern inks have a lot more in store than what is shown on their face value. They are not just inks anymore. They are laminates as well that can lend your boxes a lot more features and benefits. For example, there are weather resistant inks that can make your box highly equipped against weather abrasions and other harmful factors as well.

  1. Shed off the trash:

If there is something that is being made for the sake of freeing up storage space and organizing things in a clean manner. There is no point in making it with materials that would themselves add up to the land waste areas. Investing in some good quality organic and recycled materials is the best choice in this regard. But not many of us know that there are inks as well that are eco friendly and free of all chemical hazards that can be used for the printing of your boxes that can give them added benefits and high popularity as well. The tips that have been discussed so far are all result oriented, and they have been tried and implemented by numerous professionals and home based users to get maximum benefits. However, as one can judge by their variations that all of them depend highly upon the use that the boxes are being printed and manufactured to serve. Making a wise decision and making even wiser choices and selections can turn out to be extremely beneficial in this regard. Taking professional assistance is also one great way to make your DVD storage box one of the most admired and talked about entities regarding your business.

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