9 Amazing Tricks to Solve Problems in Microsoft 365


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Microsoft offers some of the most commonly used business apps and services in its office 365 suite. Over 700 000 companies in the US used this cloud-based package to run various business functions by 2020. Its potent combination of apps and cloud services helps businesses simplify work.

One thing to remember if you use Microsoft 365 is that your competitors are probably also using it. You need to ensure that you use applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Project to their full potential. This article looks into some of the best Microsoft 365 tricks you can use to solve problems whenever they arise.

Let’s get started.

  1. Streamline your Email

Research shows that people send over 269 billion emails daily worldwide. This staggering statistic explains why we often wake up to jam-packed inboxes every Monday morning. One problem people face when they have full inboxes is losing track of important emails or responding too late.

Well, the best way to avoid this is by keeping your inbox more focused. You can do this by using tools such as Clutter to filter high-priority emails in your inbox. Such tools automatically streamline your inbox, saving you the valuable time you’d have to spend looking into every email in your inbox.

  1. Stay Ahead With Excel

Excel is one of the best data analysis and visualization tools we have today. This application has some easy-to-use functions that make big data analysis seamless. Knowing how various Excel features work and the keyboard shortcuts you can use to send commands is essential.

One such powerful and handy Excel function is VLOOKUP.  This function helps users search values that they specify, but can be tricky to use, mainly for newbies. Learning the tricks that will help make the most of the syntax and primary uses of the VLOOKUP functions is essential.

The best way to grasp this is to check out a VLOOKUP example. Various online resources seek to explain VLOOKUP and how it works in the most simplest way possible. They do this with examples that describe the function and the formulae it uses in an easy-to-understand way.

  1. Become a PowerPoint Expert

There are times when you will need to make business presentations. PowerPoint is one of the best tools that you can use to create high-quality business presentations for marketing and other purposes. But then, you may not always get the results you desire from using PowerPoint to create presentations.

You need to build your PowerPoint skills to create the best presentations for your audience. Knowing how to use various time-saving tools such as PowerPoint designer, and other handy shortcuts can help. Besides, learning the best PowerPoint hacks can help you become a pro at using this app.

  1. Master Microsoft Word

Source: Pixabay

One of the most commonly used applications in the Office 365 suite is Microsoft Word. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of this application. This is especially when creating documents as people no longer create documents in total isolation but collaborate from any location.

The best thing to do is to find a Microsoft Word tutorial and learn some essential tips and tricks. For instance, tricks such as using real-time co-authoring in Microsoft Word and saving files on cloud-based applications like OneDrive is essential. Such Microsoft Word tricks can save you time and improve your overall business productivity.

  1. Learn to Manage Projects with Software

Another essential trick that you should know is project management with software. Project managers worldwide are looking to save time, and one way to do so is by avoiding manual processes. Thankfully, there is software that helps people run projects more efficiently and with higher productivity.

You can use Microsoft 365’s project management tool known as MS Project. If you are a complete novice, all you need to do is equip yourself with Microsoft Project skills. The good news is that you can easily find an MS project tutorial for free and move your skill level from beginner to expert in a short time.

You can set your Microsoft to do tasks using the Microsoft Project tool. This makes it easy to ensure you do not forget or skip any important projects in your schedule.

  1. Learn how to Back up your Office 365 Data

There are various problems you may face when using technology such as Microsoft Office 365. But then, none of the risks hurts as much as losing your most essential data. This can happen when you mistakenly delete important files, or in case the files get damaged by things like viruses and malware.

The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that you backup your data. However, MS 365 doesn’t offer a reliable data backup solution to its users. You can consider using a third-party backup vendor to ensure that you can retrieve your data if you lose your original files. Find a microsoft project tutorial to learn about various online data backup and recovery options.

  1. Set up your Security Functions

Security is an essential factor when using any piece of technology. Businesses have different security requirements that dictate the type of security functions that they use. Microsoft 365 comes with various security features and functions, such as multi-factor authentication to protect your business.

But then, some of these functions may not come ready for use. You may need to set them up to ensure that they meet your business’s security needs depending on the sensitivity of the data you handle. You can also consider using third-party security functions with your Microsoft 365 applications.

  1. Use Communication Tools Perfectly

Source: Pixabay

One thing that affects teams’ productivity, especially when working from remote locations, is poor communication. Being able to team up well with other people within and without your business premises is essential. This entails engaging in real-time conversations, sharing documents safely, etc.

Office 365 integrates tools that make business communication more effortless and efficient. You can use its cloud-based collaboration software for video calls, conferencing, messaging, and file-sharing in real-time. This can help enhance your team’s productivity and reduce communication problems.

  1. Make the most of Office 365’s Calendar Feature

Several projects run within a company, and all of them could sometimes require equal attention. Besides being too many to remember, sometimes the deadlines are too short and sometimes difficult to meet. Many people have fallen victims to this problem, but there are ways to ensure you don’t face it.

The calendar feature on Microsoft 365 can help you ensure you meet every deadline. You can write everything you want to do into Microsoft to do tasks to the calendar and set reminders so that you do not miss any. Business leaders and project administrators can use this feature to ensure remote teams are updated with the business’s calendar.

  1. Master The keyboard

Two things that matter in business are speed and accuracy. Using the Office 365 suite, you need to be sure that you can work with speed without compromising quality. One way to do this is to become a keyboard pro, especially when it comes to knowing the shortcuts you can use with Office 365 apps such as Microsoft Word.

For instance, if you are looking to create a Microsoft Word document, knowing various keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Thankfully, some shortcuts apply across every app on this suite, saving you a lot of learning time. 

Knowing keyboard shortcuts can increase your productivity and reduce mistakes when you have limited working time. You can also easily solve various issues on MS 365 if you have mastered keyboard shortcuts. Besides, you will easily track everything you do on the Microsoft Project application.


Microsoft 365 is a crucial suite for every business today. Its applications and services make it easy for teams to work on projects from different locations within the required time and the expected productivity levels. That’s why more businesses are using the applications in this suite for daily tasks.

But then, not everyone knows how to get the best out of this suite, as mentioned earlier. The good news is that anyone can do it with the right tips and tricks. Knowing the best tricks can help you edge your competitors even if they use the same applications to run their daily business operations.

The tips and tricks we have looked into are essential for every Microsoft 365 user. You can apply them daily and see your productivity with this suite improve every day. Take your time to implement all these tips, and you will enjoy the best results from using these applications.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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