9 types of residential roofing services


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The roof is an important feature in any building. It must be carefully maintained to ensure it remains in its best condition. But what happens when it begins to damage? You’ll have to contract the services of Canberra roofing professionals to help with its repair or replacement.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the 9 types of residential services on the market. The understanding of these services will make negotiating with the roofer easier.

  • Roof installation: If it happens that you are just building your own residential building, you will need to contract the services of professional roofers for the installation of the roof. You may also solicit their advice on the type of roof to buy for your house. By the way, see here for quality roof coating.
  • Roof inspection: If you’re not fond of heights the roof is not a place where you’ll visit frequently. Hence, you can contract the services of professional roofers to help you inspect your roof for any damage or problem. The results of any roof inspection would determine the next course of action.
  • Leaking roof: The ripple effect of a leaking roof is severe. It may lead to the total collapse of the whole roof if it is not quickly corrected. The services of professional roofers would be needed to effect such leaking conditions.
  • Gutter repairs: there are instances where roof gutters start to leak or suffer minor damage which does not require a total replacement of the gutters. Call on your roofers to help with patching or dealing with such minor gutter repairs.
  • Roof shingles replacement: where the roof shingles start washing away due to expiry of useful life or other reasons, you should seek the services of professional roofers in helping to replace the roof shingles before it leads to bigger roof problems.
  • Roof replacement: just before the roof on your home reaches the end of its useful life, you should begin to prepare for its replacement. Minor patches or repairs would really have no impact in improving such roof’s condition, get in contact with reliable and professional roofers to help you replace the roof.
  • Gutter cleaning: Every roof has gutters that help to divert water and other specks of dirt away from the roof. The constant passage of moisture in these gutters usually makes the roof gutters dirty, blocked and inefficient in passing such debris from the roof. You will need to hire professional roofers to help clear these gutters.
  • Shingles installation: If you desire to install roof shingles for your house roofing system, it may be difficult to choose the type of shingles to purchase for your home by yourself. And of course, you will need the services of professional roofers in its installation.
  • Roof coating: coating your roof helps to prolong its useful life, helps make your house cooler amongst many other benefits. You should hire the service of professional roofers in applying the roof coating. You should also consult their services before settling for any type of roof coating in the market.


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