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Before the end of the year, it’s usually a good idea to do some work in your home. It’s a matter of comfort. It can be insulation projects, improving energy performance in general, or even installing a veranda, etc. In any case, this kind of project requires a lot of funding. And credit is a good idea to do this.

PTZ +: For what occasion ?

With banks, you can now claim what is called the “PTZ +” or “Zero Rate Loan”. It is an offer that is part of the credits supported by the state. And as the name suggests, you don’t have to pay a rate for this type of loan.

However, be aware that PTZ does not apply for all types of work. This is only the case for work with energy transitions and in particular insulation and heating renovations. However, there is no income condition to qualify.

Works credit: an affected credit

But how then can you finance other renovation and / or beautification projects on your home? For this type of project, you have the works credit. It is an earmarked loan that allows you to finance any project related to a house or an apartment. It offers you 75,000 euros to repay over 20 years on average. This even allows you to review the foundations of your house if necessary.

The work loan was recently separated from the mortgage loan to facilitate the management of your capital. But in the end, the steps to take out this type of loan remain the same. You must justify your credit with a quote from a professional.

Mortgage loans to finance work: points to see

From now on, therefore, for renovation work, the mortgage is no longer applicable, with a few exceptions. Of course, if you have any repairs to make related to the purchase of your apartment or house, the principal can be counted towards your mortgage. It’s more convenient.

We no longer present this banking service, which is one of the most popular in Belgium. This is an affected credit, which must be justified by a promise or a sales agreement. It can offer you a few thousand euros repayable over 20 to 30 years. It all depends on your needs and your debt capacity.

An online credit preferably

Preferably, we recommend online credit. The importance of the experience and know-how of traditional banks is not to be minimized. However, the procedures to apply for credit online are easier. Not to mention that, according to the accounting firm in Saint-Gilles, digital loans are more modest. It only takes a few clicks to apply for credit online. And the forms to be filled in are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. In addition, on online lending platforms, you do not have to pay subscription fees. Which impacts the APR of your debt contract. In recent years, online banks have been on the rise precisely thanks to this modesty of their service.

However, several online banks are now competing to carve out a better place in the market. This is a godsend for you to compare offers and negotiate a better rate on your loan. Online, you have free comparators that can help you in this regard. Before getting to this step, however, call on an Ixelles chartered accountant agency to simulate your loan and thus allow you to find the ideal repayment conditions according to your possibilities.

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