A Foster Carer’s Guide to Travelling with Children in the Summer Holidays


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Travelling a bit in the school holidays is a natural part of family life and one which the children really look forward to. It is something you’ve always done with your own children and now that you are a foster carer, it’s a family tradition you’d like to continue. What you may not be certain of is whether or not you can take your foster children with you on these short holiday trips and if so, what is it that is most recommended for the children in your care.

The Needs of the Children Are Always First

Actually, maintaining a normal family life when caring for foster children is encouraged. This means that you welcome them into your family as a vital member. Foster children come from a variety of backgrounds so, when fostering in Wales, for example, you may have children placed with you having come from entirely different backgrounds than children in London or Manchester. Based on the background of the children in your care, it is important to consider places that won’t recall troubling memories. The whole idea of a holiday is to have fun and family time, so that is where your focus should be. What will be fun for the children in your home?

Is There Anything Preventing Foster Children from Travelling?

If you’ve been given the authority to make travel arrangements for the children residing with you, and when it is with you and your family that they travel with, all should be well. Most times, unless you are seeking permission for your foster children to travel with friends or family you know to be safe, you probably won’t need special permission. In either case, you may want to communicate with your children’s social worker to see if there are any documents you need to carry with you, such as when taking trips abroad.

“Inclusion” Is the Operative Word

It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is for foster children to feel as if they belong. Many have come from backgrounds where they experienced trauma, and these are the children who need that extra bit of tenderness and acceptance. Why not include them in the planning of the summer holiday? Where have they always wanted to go and what would they like to see? Just as your own biological children are probably piping in every two seconds with their “suggestions,” you want your foster children to be at ease to pipe in as well! If they seem reluctant to say where they’d like to go, there is nothing wrong with asking them if they have anyplace they’d like to see. When all else fails, ask a direct question and you will almost always get a direct answer.

It’s amazing what the love you give these children as their foster carer can do to open them up in a world in which many have locked themselves within emotionally. Remember that a little bit of love goes a very, very long way, and with this in mind, you could probably camp out in the back garden and they’d be just as happy. You love them, after all, and at this point in their lives, it may be all that matters.


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