A garden house to dream of – tiny house, pool house or playhouse for the children


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Overview: A garden house

More and more people are longing for a garden house in order to create more connection with nature in their daily life. Most of them care about sustainability and the well-being of our planet. Therefore, as many natural structures as possible are used when creating a garden house. The corona crisis and COVID-19 has likely changed your life and that of your family as well.
With a garden shed, you create a nice retreat beyond the Corona times. Such a house is one of the top summer trends in 2021. Since travel is not recommended, we will again appreciate the importance of the garden much better. This outdoor area is a place where you can spend pleasant and relaxing hours. A summer cottage in the garden offers you unique opportunities to cook, eat, live and chat with family and friends.

What should you watch out for when building a garden house?

A garden house is also often referred to as a gazebo. Before you decide to build a summer house, you should find out whether you need a building permit. In this country, the requirements vary depending on the federal state. In an allotment garden you can build your summer house without a formal building application, but here in Germany (unlike in Austria) you are not allowed to live in it permanently. The exterior of your garden house should definitely harmonize with the main house. No matter whether you use it as a simple storage place for gardening tools and bicycles or whether it is a retreat for you and your family.

The house must also be aesthetic. Then it will undoubtedly enhance your home too. The preferred material in a hybrid home is wood. If the summer house is to meet high ecological standards, then the wood must have FSC certification. These certificates ensure that workers, the local population and the forest ecosystem are protected when the timber is extracted. Wood wool as well as wood and hemp fibers can be used as insulation materials. It should also be mentioned that a garden house for living and working should definitely be placed on a concrete or plate foundation.

Intelligent garden shed

Intelligent garden houses are all the rage in 2021. They are ideal for use as a home office. These houses don’t necessarily have to have a terrace. But you control the lighting, the temperature and the security system via your smartphone or tablet. You can also equip the house with a smart refrigerator and also with a vacuum cleaner robot. Of course, the garden shed must have connections for electricity, internet and water. The little house in the garden is secured against uninvited visitors with special locks. If it is to be recognized as a “tax-saving office”, it must be able to be used all year round and it may only be equipped for office purposes. You can equip the garden house with stylish lounge furniture, then your customers will definitely feel comfortable during their visits.

Modern with a flat roof and glass elements

With glass elements and a modern flat roof, the garden house has a special look. If the garden shed is to serve as a kind of outdoor living room in the future, there must be enough space for comfortable furniture. Thanks to the glass elements, users have a good view of the garden. In addition, a lot of light falls into the room. If you want to use the garden shed all year round, then it should be made of wood. With a wall thickness from 70 to 92 millimeters and insulating windows, heating costs are saved. Since a garden shed should blend in harmoniously with its surroundings, you can opt for a flat roof if your main house has a modern, timeless style. This roof shape is easy to keep clean. A house with a flat roof also fits very well into smaller gardens, because it looks light and not bulky. In addition, modern flat roofs prove themselves when installing solar collectors.

Garden house as a pool house or sauna

Who doesn’t want to jump into the pool even when it’s raining or snowing outside? With a garden house you can make this dream come true. A pool house with sliding glass walls provides enough light and offers you a great view of your garden landscape. So that your privacy is preserved, the back wall of the pool house should be windowless. With a solar system on the roof and the wind-protected pool, the swimming season can be extended significantly. You can also create a private wellness center for you and your family with a sauna house in the garden. It is the perfect place to experience Finnish afternoons. In a garden house with sauna, you can relax and unwind completely independently of public wellness temples. All sauna facilities should be in the house.

A tiny house on wheels

A mini house on wheels can be transported to any desired location if desired. Fans of the tiny house movement move their little house wherever they want. The living space is only limited to a small area. In this way, you can create your own four walls with a roof over your head even with a small budget. The shapes of the mini-houses are varied. It is even available as a luxury property on four wheels.


The garden house with sleeping loft

If there is enough space available, you can also stay overnight in the garden house. Or you can use the second floor – the sleeping loft – to accommodate your guests. If the space only serves, it is enough to sleep if you can sit there comfortably. If, on the other hand, the sleeping loft is used as a reading corner or as a playground for the children, then a little more space is required. The sleeping area is very romantic when, for example, natural light can penetrate through a gable window. At the garden house factory you get a nice overview of the possibilities of this garden house variant.

A house in the garden as a children’s playhouse

A playhouse in the garden is every child’s dream. It offers the little ones a great change from television and smartphone. A garden house that can be used as a playhouse will turn out to be a true children’s paradise in 2021. It is fully in line with the trend of the times, because your offspring can create their own kingdom there. Your kids will let their fantasies run wild. You have to be careful when assembling the playhouse. Because protruding nails and screws as well as splintered wood are a danger for your playing children. Playhouses are generally recommended as wood for children. Pay attention to the quality of the wood. Too thin and soft material can lead to accidents. The garden shed for children should therefore not only be weatherproof.



In the garden house trends 2021, not only the use and design, but also the equipment and the budget play a decisive role. If it is just about storing garden tools, then you can opt for a garden shed that is less than 6 square meters. For a workplace or a workshop you need an area between 8 and 14 square meters. So that you can install an outdoor kitchen in the garden shed, the house should be at least 15 square meters and more. If you want to use the garden shed in winter too, a wall thickness of at least 70 millimeters is recommended. The insulation must not be forgotten either. You can also find out from the municipal building authority whether your garden is subject to certain building regulations that could restrict the construction of the garden house.

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