A Guide to Cashless Hospitalisation


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Our families are our source of support and strength. We love and protect them with everything we have. However, any sudden unexpected unfortunate incident like an illness or an accident can be devastating for all of us. No matter how prepared we are, there are certain situations like this that can leave us blank and helpless. Amidst all the chaos, it can be quite difficult for us to assess whether we are financially prepared for the situation in hand. Though we can take the help of our friends and extended family, it is not always an ideal solution. Insurance providers understand this and have curated the Cashless Hospitalisation insurance. The policy helps us easily navigate through such unforeseen emergencies and pays for our medical emergencies.

What is a Cashless Hospitalisation Policy?

The policy, as the name suggests, provides the policyholders and the members included in the policy with free medical attention and treatment. The medical help is generally carried out in one of the hospitals specified under the insurer’s network. The policyholder is not expected to pay the hospital during or after the treatment. They can contact their insurance provider and the payment is dealt with by them through their third-party administrators (TPA). The TPAs contact the hospital, enquire about the current status of your treatment and bills and pay them directly to the hospital after proper perusal.

What are the Types of Cashless Hospitalisation?

The procedure can be carried out in two different ways which are as follows:

  1. Planned Hospitalization: The policy can be made use of even under non-emergency situations to undergo planned treatment and surgery. All you have to do is to inform your insurer and undergo the following steps:
  2. During one of your visits to the network hospital, make a trip to the insurance desk and ask for the pre-authorization form. You could also download the form from your insurer’s website.
  3. Fill the form properly and submit the rechecked form to the insurance desk.
  4. The form will be submitted to the TPAs for the verification of the authenticity of the request in hand.
  5. Once it is analyzed, they approve it and send it back to the hospital along with the details of the sanctioned amount.
  1. Emergency Hospitalization: Sometimes, we might have unforeseen and unplanned medical situations where we can avail of the cashless hospitalisation facility through the following steps.
  2. Go to the insurance desk and present your health card to them.
  3. You will be given an authorisation form to be filled and submitted to the hospital.
  4. Duly fill the form and submit it after rechecking the details.
  5. You can either wait for the approval and let your insurer pay for the treatment or make the payment and reimburse the amount.
Cashless Hospitalisation

Things to know about Cashless Hospitalisation

  • With the Cashless Hospitalisation policy, you can avail emergency and planned medical treatments free of cost.
  • You can have a hassle-free medical experience with the cashless hospitalisation policy.
  • This facility can be availed only at the network of hospitals specified under your insurer’s list. You can get it from your insurer when you are buying your policy rather than wait till emergencies.
  • In case of planned treatments and surgeries, you are expected to inform your insurer in advance to help them put the documentations in motion.
  • In case of emergency hospitalizations, inform your insurer as soon as possible or within the stipulated period of time as discussed to get the required help at the right time.

On the whole, the Cashless Hospitalisation policy is a boon and a great convenience that helps us remain confident of the financial requirement during such emergencies.

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