A Look Into The Definitive Proposal Essay Structure And Some Cogent Topics


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Overview – A Quick Guide To The Generic Proposal Essay Structure

Proposal essays, also known as proposal arguments, are write-ups that propose a particular solution to a problem and deliver solid arguments in support of or against it. The primary purpose of a proposal essay is to put forth an idea or an answer to something and then provide supporting evidence to convince the audience why it is good or bad.

Proposal essays are quite commonplace in a wide variety of academic and professional domains. In any kind of research, these documents go by the name ‘research proposals’ or sometimes ‘dissertation proposals’. But, almost all proposal essays follow a standard outline or template that consists of certain key elements.

So, before we look into some great proposal essay topics, let’s have a quick glimpse of the basic structure of proposal essays.

The Basic Structure of a Proposal Essay

The core elements of any proposal essay are somewhat different from some of the more common essay formats. Keep in mind that the following is a general template and you may need to add or remove parts as per essay specifications. Similarly, one can rearrange the sequence of the constituent sections.

There are often multiple ways to go about a problem. While stating a particular proposal, you may need to take a stance and emphasize a specific form of solving a problem. Keep in mind to stay focused on your idea throughout the prose.

Nevertheless, here’s a basic proposal essay structure or, as some call it, the outline.

An Introduction

As it is with other essay formats, the introduction is where the writer needs to lay the groundwork of their proposal. Educate your audience about the overarching subject of your essay and the idea you are proposing.

To some extent, this part is one of the most critical aspects of the essay as it serves to hook and engage readers in the topic & the idea. The introduction needs to highlight the importance of the issue and show the audience why they should be interested in it.

  1. Know your audience well and introduce them to a problem & resolution, which they might be interested in.
  2. Add some interesting fact, anecdote, statistics, etc. to grab the attention of your audience.
  3. The Proposal

This section offers the statement of purpose and lays down the proposed solution in brief. Writers must keep things concise and cohesive here, and avoid going into unnecessary details. That’s reserved for the section up next.

Detailed Plan Of Action

Here is where you need to lay down the details of the idea you are proposing. Mention what you are aiming to achieve through it and show your audience how you intend to go about it.

  1. Do your best to convince your audience that your proposal will be useful in solving the highlighted problem. And show that you are the best suitable person with the right qualifications for implementing the proposal.
  2. Deliver sufficient details about how you intend to go about implementing your proposal. Give details about the underlying processes and explain everything adequately. But, remember not to bore them with excessive technical details.
  3. Mention tentative implications of the implementation of the proposal. It will help arouse reader interest and keep them anticipated about the potential outcomes & also the limitations if any.
  4. State the viability or feasibility of the proposal and show why it will work based on previous occurrences. In short, show the advantages, effectiveness and ease of implementation in a way that’s tailor-made for your audience.
  5. Desired Outcomes

Mention the probable outcomes of the proposed plan of action. Drill home the point about the effectiveness of your proposal in the minds of the audience.

Necessary Resources

Mention the resources required to implement the proposed idea successfully.  State all tangible and intangible assets necessary to bring fruition to your ideas.


Conclude your proposal essay by reiterating some vital points. Make sure to recap essential background information, a compact proposal summary and the benefits of implementation to leave a long-lasting impression on reader mind.

To sum it all up, we can say that proposal essays are a pitch or a formal suggestion by a party or a person to convince an audience about the benefits and feasibility of a particular resolution to a problem.

So, let us now look into some exciting proposal essay topics.

Potent Proposal Essay Topics

Here are some proposal essay topics related to education:

  • Why should digital education be implemented across all academic levels and curriculums?
  • Gradation in Education – The problem and the solution.
  • Best ways for parents to participate actively in their child’s learning.
  • Discuss the best ways to implement student-led learning.

Some proposal topics on health are as follows:

  • How to overcome tobacco and alcohol addiction: a look into some potent techniques
  • What ways can parents encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • What are the avenues of increasing funding for cancer research?
  • Physical exercise as a compulsory subject: Why and how to make workouts essential for student curriculums.

Miscellaneous proposal essay topics:

  • Suggest productive ways to integrate AI in a workforce.
  • Ways to financially secure MSMEs during unstable and unpredictable economic conditions.
  • Effective ways to make the current and upcoming generations more environmentally conscious
  • How can a society be made more tolerant and accepting?

Well, there you have it! Execute your proposal essay writing skills on these topics and use the outline given above to craft convincing proposal essays with ease.

All the best!

Author-Bio: Jacob Ryan is a geologist and a leading researcher from a reputed college in Wisconsin, the USA. A writer of numerous research proposals and white papers, he also works as a part-time tutor at MyAssignmenthelp.com, the best place to get authentic & impeccable content on any proposal essay topics.

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