A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay


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Today we will talk about essay writing. First, let’s give a short definition of this concept. If to focus primarily on its essence, then an essay is a short text with reasoning on any topic. Within the framework of this paper, the author needs to briefly identify and reveal the problem, state and argue his or her position, and then conclude. It is believed that a good essay encourages readers to think and come to their own conclusions.

Sometimes writing an essay is not an easy task. To do this, you need to have good writing skills, as well as be able to concisely and consistently express thoughts. If you struggle with these, then you should get help on writing services like EssayShark. In this way, you will get an essay sample that will help you to write your essay quickly and correctly. If you want to learn more, check out this review.

Next, we will explain how to write a quality essay and finish homework faster.

Essay plan for Essay Writing

Depending on the purpose, the structure and length of the essay may vary. Typically, the required text size ranges from 180 to 320 words. For all tasks of this type, there is a common universal structure; however, it may differ slightly in different texts.

Next, we will look at the general structure that is used in almost any type of essay.

Introduction: Essay Writing

First, outline the problem and its aspects. Here you need to do the following:

  1. Write a comment on the topic of the essay, and determine how you understand the question.
  2. List what issues will be considered.
  3. This is not a dissertation, so don’t try to cover everything. Pick a few highlights on the issue at hand and focus on them.
  4. The introduction should clearly indicate the topic and announce the further content of the essay.

Signs of a good introduction:

  • A concise but informative introduction.
  • The volume of the introduction does not exceed 10% of the total volume of the text.
  • The introduction demonstrates your understanding of the question.
  • The introduction is usually 3-4 sentences.

Main body

This stage usually consists of 3-4 paragraphs, each of which carries arguments that prove your point. The structure of the presentation should be clear, logical, and consistently lead to a conclusion. It is necessary to reveal the main thought, give strong arguments, and supplement your work with illustrative examples.

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The conclusion should be short and consist of several sentences. Here you summarize your reasoning and draw conclusions. This is a crucial step for your essay: it ties everything together and reinforces the arguments in the main body.

Basically, this is your final chance to prove you were right. It is not surprising that the conclusion is the most difficult stage of the assignment for many. Try to summarize the main points and give the reader food for thought at the end of the reading.

It’s better to prepare in advance

This applies to situations when you know the topic in advance or you can choose it yourself. Start thinking in advance about the topic of the essay writing and look for different information on the subject. The necessary details will often come across your eyes – this is how our brain works.

You probably noticed that when you are preoccupied with something, it catches your eye much more often in the ordinary world. For example, you are thinking of having a pet. Let it be a Pomeranian dog. Very soon, you will begin to notice that all the dog breeders suddenly decided to get themselves the same dog and walk with them everywhere! Now you are paying more attention to them. This will happen with any kind of information that you care about.

We recommend that you start collecting information in advance for the upcoming work. Start simple – write out the theses already known to you on the chosen topic. Next, sketch out a list of questions to be answered during the preparation of the text. In the process of looking for answers to these questions, you will surely discard some of them and formulate new, more precise ones.

By following this simple guide, you will be able to write your essay writing quickly. Good luck!

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