A Report On The Fuel Consumption In The United States


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Currently, the world runs on fuel; almost all of the energy used globally comes from fossil fuels. It is an integral part of the global economy, and its importance is unlikely to be replaced by a cost-effective alternative anytime soon.

There are several different organizations, domains, and vehicles that require fuel. The classic example includes aviation. The current state of the global economy would not have been achieved with the help of fossil fuels.

Right from production to transportation, energy plays an important role in the journey of every product, whether it is supplied internationally or not. This is why fuel suppliers go into the business; they know that there will always be a demand for the product.

What Are The Different Types Of Fuel Used In The USA?

In composition, there are three types of fuel:

  • Solid Fuels- they include coal, charcoal, peat, etc
  • Liquid Fuels- they include petroleum, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, ethanol, naphtha, etc
  • Gaseous Fuels- they include natural gas primarily, hydrogen, propane, methane, coal gas, etc

As one of the leading fuel exporters or importers, an important factor about fuel to understand is the distinction between biogas and natural gas. A common term used in the energy industry, biogas is made by the decomposition of organic matter.

So far, there have been no attempts to industrialise the production of biogas, and it is excluded from rural countries. Natural gas is obtained from the earth in large quantities. It is used in gas stoves to chook and heat households. Natural gas is used mostly domestically and requires a capital heavy business model to start operations.

Most fuel manufacturers choose to focus on liquid fuels as they have a very big market and are not just excluded from niche markets. Almost everyone has a car or uses transportation that requires liquid fuel. The four most common types of power that are used in the US are:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Bio-diesel
  • Ethanol

Types Of Fuel Consumed Widely In The US For Transportation

Definitely, not the largest amount, but the most common fuel used in transportation in the United States is gasoline. This fuel is used by most vehicles operating in the US, and that’s not it; it’s the fuel of choice for most airlines.

Gasoline is a fuel that is made from petroleum and other crude oils. It is an organic compound that is made entirely of hydrogen and carbon atoms. While it is possible to make your own gasoline scientifically, the costs do not justify this way of production.

It is much more affordable to simply mine gasoline from the ground. This is probably why there aren’t many small businesses going into being fuel exporters or manufacturers. The cost involved in setting up a fuel, in this case, the gasoline business itself is too high.

This is a market that is operating in the hundreds of thousands of gasoline that’s used by a single flight proving that gasoline and other fossil fuels will always be in demand. Almost 90% of the total fuel consumption in the US is from petroleum.

Largest Consumer Of Fuel In The US By Domain

Other than the transportation section, the biggest consumption of fuel would be natural gas. This is used in heating up many homes in America as most of the country is very cold. Followed by renewable energy, then coal and nuclear electric power sector. However, through it all, petroleum is the most consumed fuel sector in the US.

What Is The Data On Fuel Produced By The US?

The United States has a very high production of natural gas followed by crude oil, coal, nuclear energy, biomass and other forms of renewable energy. Fossil fuels have been at the forefront of the US economy for quite a while.

However, with the recent changes in the economy, the mix is changing now. The consumption of coal peaked in 2007 and has only reduced then, which means that there aren’t that many fuel suppliers in the US. In fact, the demand has steadily been decreasing since the demand for electricity generation has also been steadily declining.

Does The US Import Fuel?

The US imports a relatively large quantity of petroleum from its trading partners like the middle eastern countries. Even though the US produces about 80% of the supply at home, it still requires petroleum to satisfy both the national and the international demand.

What Is The Future Of Fuel Consumption In The US?

Almost every industry has had to turn towards renewable sources of energy; the US is no different. The growing scarcity of natural gas and fossil fuels will create a shortage of supply which in turn will steadily increase the price.

The only way fuel manufacturers will survive in the future would be to turn towards different methods of production. With the help of a trade data company, anyone can purchase and transport machinery to help get them started in the fuel industry or put them in touch with fuel manufacturers.

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