A Republican challenges Trump on the border by using his own words

Anjali Jain
Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 29, 2024 in Washington, DC. On February 6, Roy tossed blame to former President Donald Trump from the House floor for not "closing the border" for years while he was in office.

On the House floor, Texas Representative Chip Roy referenced a social media post attributed to Donald Trump in which he criticized the former president’s immigration record.
The Republican front-runner for president, Donald Trump, has publicly criticized the Senate-introduced $118 billion border measure, describing its approval as “a death wish for the Republican Party” and “horrendous.” In lieu of this, he has advocated for President Joe Biden to “close the border” in order to circumvent an expensive measure, stating that he would do the same if elected.
Roy stated last month that Trump and former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan “failed in 2018 to actually move a border security bill to tighten this so that we weren’t dealing with this crisis right now.” DeSantis recently endorsed former presidential candidate and current Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Roy, a Republican, stated on Tuesday, “We will not simply pass the buck and say, ‘Oh, any president can walk in and secure the border.'” “I saw former President Trump make that allegation today on one of his social media posts: ‘All a president has to do is declare the border is closed, and it’s closed.’ “Respectfully speaking, that did not occur in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020. Millions of individuals entered the United States throughout that span of four years.
For comment, Newsweek contacted Roy’s office and the Trump campaign through email.
House Speaker Mike Johnson has expressed the same discontent as President Trump with regard to the Senate proposal.
He informed his Republican colleagues in a letter dated January 26 that the legislation was “dead on arrival” in his chamber. As soon as the legislation’s language was revealed, he declared it “even worse than we had anticipated and will do nothing to avert the border catastrophe that the president has precipitated.”
Johnson refuted the notion that he is conducting it to appease Trump on Sunday during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press anchor Kristin Welker, stating that Trump “is not making the decisions.”
Later this year, however, opposition to the bill may have political repercussions.
The Chamber of Commerce, an organization that advocates for and represents businesses, endorsed the Senate legislation on Monday, expressing its “pleasure to see the emergency supplemental funding proposal before the U.S. Senate include desperately needed reforms for immigration, asylum, and border security.” Additionally, the Border Patrol union supports its passage.
From October to December 2023, the number of encounters with migrants at U.S. borders surpassed 988,900, which is a figure that ties the record set in fiscal year 2023.
In October of the current fiscal year, there were 309,114 encounters with migrants; in November and December, there were 308,669 and 371,036 encounters, respectively. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data indicate that in December, approximately 300,000 migrants entered the United States via Mexico, or nearly 10,000 per day. Approximately 250,000 made their way between ports of entry. In total, federal border agents encountered approximately 2.5 million migrants in the previous year, an increase from the previous record high.

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