“Put an end to it”: An ex-prosecutor orders Trump to be imprisoned in response to his most recent threats

President Donald Trump looks on during a campaign event on December 19 in Waterloo, Iowa. In the classified documents case, his lawyers are asking the judge to grant them access to the documents that special counsel Jack Smith wants to redact. © Getty Images

A former federal prosecutor argued that Donald Trump should face imprisonment for signaling his supporters to target the Maine secretary of state, who had removed him from the state’s ballot.

The previous week, Trump shared a hyperlink to the biography page of prominent election official Shenna Bellows, the day after she rendered her decision disqualifying the former president from running on the ballot under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

Additionally, legal expert Glenn Kirschner stated that it was an unmistakable “signal to his supporters” to pursue legal action against her.

Following Trump’s dissemination of the hyperlink to Bellows’ webpage on the official Maine government website, the individual in question reported to CNN that she promptly began receiving “threatening communications.”

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Then, on Friday, a “swatting” occurred at her residence—an erroneous emergency contact that resulted in the deployment of a SWAT team to her residence.

Kirschner, in an appearance on his Justice Matters YouTube channel, alluded to analogous allegations that Trump has leveled against prosecutors, officials, and their families, which have all been subject to embargo orders.

Trump endangers Maine Secretary of State Bellows; it’s long-past time to detain Trump pending trial

“How many times are we going to watch this movie?” he requested. Newsweek also reported on his remarks.

“In fact, it is possible to prevent this film from looping indefinitely. There is an endless cycle in which an individual complies with the law, their sworn obligation, and their oath of office while another individual holds Donald Trump accountable for his misconduct and crimes, and Trump immediately posts something that is obviously intended to send the message to his supporters: “Get them.”

The law mandates that if someone is on pretrial release in a felony case, and Trump is on pretrial release in four felony cases, he must be detained pending trial if he poses a danger to the community or any person in the community. The legislation has a method to prevent the same old movie from being shown. Put an end to it. Apply the legislation of pretrial detention in its intended manner.”

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Bellows told the Associated Press that the target on her has made her feel in danger.

“It is extraordinarily dangerous for the rhetoric to have escalated to the point of dehumanizing me and threatening me, my loved ones and the people who work for me,” she said.

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