5 Major Anti-Copyright Arguments You Should Be Aware Of In 2021


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Anti-copyright arguments: Anti-copyrights arguments are not any new thing. From the very beginning of the entire copyright concept, there has been a lot of confusion, doubt, and also arguments whether it is in favor of copyrights laws or against all those laws. 

At any point in time, you might have downloaded movies, tv-series, or the latest game from websites like https://thenewpiratebay.org/. In case you have used a VPN, there are fewer risks. Pirate bay is the most popular torrenting destination for all those latest movies and video games. 

But we all are aware of the fact that most of the torrent sites are not legal, and as per the copyright laws, it is legal to use the contents from these websites. But at the same time, you have to understand the arguments which are still going on. 

Major Anti-Copyright Arguments You Should Be Aware Of In 2021 

Here in this article, we will talk about the anti-copyright arguments, which will help you to understand the copyright laws along with their flaws. As a result of this, you will be able to keep torrenting in a safe manner. 

Copyright Laws Do Not Fulfill The Intention Of Helping The Public.

The main purpose of copyright laws is to stimulate the artistic creativity of all the general public. But actually, the public is interested in getting a complete ability to reproduce, copy, and get value from creative work. 

Sometimes, this interest directly opposes the interest of the media industry, which is basically making as much money as possible from the piece. In favor of the common people’s ability to copy it, there are a lot of anti-copyright arguments rendered.  

Overly Broad Law Actually Stifles Someone’s Creativity, Instead Of Encouraging It.

Several remixes or any other copyrighted works are used for creating new, innovative works. But all those remixes actually hold “a precarious grey zone of total uncertainty.” Their legality depends on whether they qualify for fair use or not. 

This uncertainty risk, along with the fear of being sued for infringement, might stop talented people from creating new forms of works. 

Complicated And Unclear laws Can Easily Be Abused By Companies.

The main defense of copyright laws is fair and proper use. But it is just a usual defense. For different cases, the judgment of fair use differs. As there are no particular metrics of fair use, the whole concept is totally uncertain and risky. 

Most of the copyright laws are unclear and too complicated. Thus a company can use them with a little twist for their own purpose. Especially lawyers of those companies easily find smaller gaps and use those as per their interest. 

Expensive And Complicated To Individual Artists In Actually Enforcing The Rights They Have Been Given.

The creator always holds the right to take serious legal action against any type of infringer. But in most cases, the financial damage is so small, and the instance of copying is so difficult to prove that the creator chooses not to take any further actions. 

For this, the higher cost of lawyers, and complicated legalities are both responsible. However, there are several options to go with if one does not want to take the matter to court at the very first. Though it is not a big deal for big entertainment companies, for individual artists, it becomes really challenging. 

The Copyright preserving laws Have Not Adapted To The New Technology.

With the innovation of new technologies, our lives are evolving. Thus some laws and legal enforcement also need to be updated to serve the purpose with utmost proficiency and effectiveness. But if we look into the copyright laws, the scenario is totally different. 

Copyright laws have not yet adopted the new technologies. As a result, it is creating a complicated and totally messy situation whenever it comes to serving the purpose of copyright claims. This argument is something which is becoming more popular with every technological advancement. 

Final Talk

Copyright laws are indeed complicated, broad, and unclear. Also, in many cases, it is being used against its purpose and in the form of some evil desires. It also limits the creativity of individual creators. 

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