Artificial Grass For Backyard – What You Must Know About It?


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Many people would love the ambiance of an artificial grass garden, especially if they are lucky enough to have some beautiful natural green lawn in their backyards. However, setting up and maintaining such a garden is a costly affair. Even with the use of a professional landscaper, it might still prove to be more than you can afford.

Artificial Grass For Backyard

The ideal option is then to go in for Fake grass Dubai for the backyard which is less expensive and easy to maintain. Artificial grass Dubai is just such a system that you can install by yourself.

Swimming pool area

Use artificial grass for backyard first to surround the swimming pool area. If you have a pool, chances are that there will be a lot of pool water and debris lying on the ground. This will make your work a lot easier. Secondly, the slick wet tiles will cause major slip hazards around the pool. Installing artificial grass for backyard pool area is therefore the best option.

Artificial Grass Great grip

The artificial grass for backyard will not just make the place look great but will also provide the underfoot with a great grip so that any slipping accidents are kept to a minimum. The best artificial grass Dubai comes in is called Dragon art artificial garden. It is made out of recycled material. This makes it eco-friendly and very environment friendly. The artificial garden is so easy to maintain that any family can do it themselves. You just need to remove the grass every other day and replace with new and clean grass.

Can be use as business premises

An artificial grass carpet roll can be used at home and around the business premises. They are ideal for areas where you may have to deal with traffic flow as they stop traffic from flowing in certain directions. The best artificial grass suppliers can offer you a large variety of choices. This is because they have been able to tailor their designs according to different properties. For example, a commercial property will require a different type of design than a residential property.

Material of artificial grass

One of the biggest challenges for artificial grass suppliers is keeping them set up in the right location. They have to take into account drainage and the weight of the materials being used. They have to ensure that the soil fields where they are being placed are strong enough to withstand the weight. This is why most suppliers use Dubai as a testing site to know how their systems work before placing them on a real property.

Artificial Gras manufacturer

A good artificial grass manufacturer in Dubai will have its own team of scientists and engineers who study and test the soil conditions of the location where they intend to place the turf. They are closely observed by technicians who check on the turf systems from time to ensure that they are working perfectly. They also check how the turf appears during different weather conditions. Once they come to a conclusion about the suitability of the location, they ask the suppliers to send samples to the testing facility in Dubai. These specialists then carry out soil tests to find out whether or not the artificial grass is holding up well to the conditions, it is expected to face.

When artificial grass companies in Dubai are confident about the suitability of the location, they send soil samples to other testing facilities as well. These locations include Dubai National Oil company’s (DEO) plant in the UAE. DEO uses soil from the Arabian Desert for its artificial grass carpet. This is one of the reasons why the Dubai turf is superior as compared to any other artificial grass carpet in the world. The soil is specifically suited to the harsh conditions, it is going to be faced with such as sand storms and strong winds.


Backyard owners, who want to save money, are constantly on the lookout for that provide them with top quality fake grass for the backyard. However, locating such artificial grass companies is not easy. Some of them are based in Asia, while others are based in America. As a result, you may have to do a lot of research before finally choosing a supplier that can give you the best artificial grass for your backyard. By doing your research properly, you will save money as well as ensure that the artificial grass you buy is of top quality.


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