Pros and Cons of Attaching A Sidecar to Your Bike


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Attaching A Sidecar: Every bike owner has a special reason for buying their dream ride. For many, it can be for basic commute purposes, while for some, it can be to cater to their adventure streak.

Now, we’ve all seen movies with cool bikes that have a sidecar attached to them and wondered how cool it would be to have one for ourselves, right? But are they as cool as they look? Are they even useful or safe? Would your reason for buying a bike have a sidecar as a special clause? Following are some of the pros and cons of attaching a sidecar to your bike:

Pros of attaching a sidecar

  • Attaching a sidecar will make your bike a three-wheeler and thereby more stable. This will make slow-speed riding situations and slippery surfaces much easier to deal with.
  • The sidecar driver does not need you to put a foot down to support the motorcycle when it stops; this is helpful for short riders and riders with physical disabilities.
  • Carrying a child on a bike can be risky. But with a sidecar, it becomes less risky, and you can ride peacefully and more securely.
  • You can even carry your pet and take them around for a ride!
  • The weight capacity of the bike also increases.

Cons of attaching a sidecar

While all the pros make a sidecar sound good and nice to have, there are some drawbacks to attaching it.

  • The extra weight and girth can affect acceleration, maneuverability, and smooth bike stopping.
  • There are times when the bike owner may forget that there’s a sidecar which can lead to them running over obstacles or curbs before learning to allow more space.
  • A sidecar can cause more wear and tear to the motorcycle’s components, such as the frame, engine and brakes. They would have to withstand more significant stress.
  • With the sidecar, modifications are needed: a subframe to provide sidecar attachments, changing the front-end to make steering easier and fitting wheels that will take different type of tyres.
  • When modifications are made to a bike, the insurance policy might need a revisit too. Check with your insurer if these modifications will cause either a hike in premium or a new policy in some cases. 
Pros and Cons of Attaching A Sidecar to Your Bike

As mentioned above, there are many reasons to consider before attaching a sidecar to your bike. Before you dive into the purchase considerations of a sidecar, you must first ensure that your bike is insured. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is compulsory to buy a third-party insurance policy for your motorcycle. You must purchase the insurance policy soon after you finish purchasing the bike. A suitable bike insurance policy for your ride can be bought online as well. Chola MS offers its extensive bike insurance policy and promises a stress-free ride! Visit the website to learn more about the benefits offered and to know more details about the online insurance purchase process.

FAQ: Attaching A Sidecar to Your Bike

What is the use of a sidecar in a motorcycle?

Obviously, the question “What is the use of a sidecar in your motorcycle?” is a good one. But do you really need one? How does one improve the safety of your bike? Read on to learn the answer. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, the sidecar adds a little bit of safety to any motorcycle ride. Here’s a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using one in the above article.

How do I attach my sidecar to my bike?

You can attach your sidecar to your bike using bolts and nuts. You must drill a hole through the center of each 1×2 that supports the sidecar’s wheel. Once the bolts and nuts are installed, you must adjust the height of the sidecar to ensure that it is properly balanced. To do this, you must measure the bike wheel and sidecar wheel at least twice. Then, drill a hole through the center of each 1×2 and insert the bolts and nuts.

Is it safe to ride a bike fitted with a sidecar?

Adding a sidecar to your motorcycle adds a layer of complexity to your driving. While riding a sidecar, you should be aware of how the additional weight can affect your handling. You should be careful to reduce speed before a turn and increase your following distance. A sidecar that is not properly aligned can cause a rider to lose control, so make sure you have the right tyre pressure and ride the bike with the sidecar correctly.

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