Is Avast Secureline A Good VPN?


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Having a VPN in today’s world has become very important, keeping in mind the geographical barriers, or census barriers that internet users have to face today. You will get answers to these questions in this article. What is avast secureline? What is the avast secureline VPN and avast secureline VPN key?

As tested and explained by rubyvpn, a VPN should be able to do one of the most important tasks it is meant to do- provide security and privacy to the users.

In this regard, Avast Secureline is a name that you can trust upon, given the trust it has built upon its customers over the years, and its great security protocols. But Is avast secureline a good VPN??? Let’s find out!

An Introduction To Avast Secureline VPN

Avast Secureline is a VPN service that is provided to you by the software giant- Avast, which has been known to provide security to the computer and even the internet, for a long time now.

It is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems on computers and Android and iOS operating systems on mobile phones. To know more about Avast Secureline, we shall now read more about its features.

Features Provided By Avast Secureline VPN

To know if avast secureline is a good VPN or not let’s check out what features it provides to its users? Through this Avast SecureLine VPN review, you will be able to take the right conclusion.

World Class Encryption

Avast secureline provides its users with 256-bit AES encryption, which is the highest level of encryption present in the world today. This encrypts your data in a way that not even avast itself can have access to what you are doing on your computer using the VPN service.

Privacy protection

Avast guarantees the safety and privacy of the customer’s data. It also provides the customers with Open Source Privacy Protection and safeguards the device and its data while using public wi-fi or unsecured network.

P2P support

It also gives the users the facility of Peer-2-peer support, using which people from all parts of the world can share their data and location with others making unblocking of websites easier and less costly.


Avast Secureline is compatible with Windows OS, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

High speeds

Avast is a name that we can trust upon due to its years of good service. In its VPN service also, it makes sure that the best services are provided. Using this, you can be completely free of the slow and bothering internet speeds that hinder your smooth browsing.

Customer Support

Avast VPN provides Live support to its users in case of any queries or doubts. You just need to raise a ticket for the same and you will be provided with the solution. Although, there is no provision of contact on Phone or through Email.

No limit on bandwidth

One of the best features of Secureline VPN that not all VPN service providers provide their customers is that there is no cap on the bandwidth.

This means you can surf as much as you want and there will be no per day or per month limits on the amount of data that you use.

Server locations

Avast Secureline has a server that is present in 41 locations across 33 countries.


It provides a 7-day free trial to its users. After that, it works for a price of $79.99 annually, giving you availability to work on 5 devices simultaneously. However, if you want only the PC version, it will cost $59.99 per year. Also, use our Avast secureline VPN coupon.

Unblocking of Websites

In today’s world, there have been a number of cases of restriction on the internet or censorship of some websites. This may happen because of the conservative nature of some countries’ governments or security issues.

But using Avast Secureline, you can easily bypass such geographical restrictions on the internet. Secureline hides your IP address and gives you a hoax IP address using which you can evade the eyes of the authorities and have access to the blocked sites as well.

Avast VPN does well all the jobs that a VPN is meant to do. However, there are some negatives related to the usage of Avast Secureline as well.

Disadvantages of using Avast Secureline VPN

  • The number of servers and locations provided by Avast secureline is very less. If we compare with other VPNs that have thousands of server locations, Avast Secureline lags quite behind.
  • You cannot connect with their support executives on phone or email or live chat, which may help provide an effective and better solution to your problems.
  • There are some connection logs that might occur in between the surfing process. This can prove to be very dangerous for the security of the user. Sometimes, the data that is uploaded and downloaded by the user is also kept with Secureline. A data breach is not a good thing for any VPN to do, because its basic job is the protection of data, even from itself.
  • Avast Secureline fails to provide you with any additional features. Though it is good at its basic job, it cannot guarantee robust security or has no special features for its provision. If we compare it with other VPN providers, its features are very minimal and basic.

Avast Secureline VPN Alternatives


With High-speed servers in 94 countries across the world, ExpressVPN is a free-to-use VPN app. It gives you lightning-fast connectivity and privacy and allows you to access data from censored and blocked websites even when you are travelling.


It was initially released by Nord VPN s.a. in 2012. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS as well as Android TV. It is a name that users trust in order to have a fast, private and secure network. Its paid plan starts from $11.95 per month.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost provides its customers with both free as well as paid kind of services. The free service has no limit on data usage, but the limit of servers that can be used is less than that of a paid service.

Countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore have no free servers of CyberGhost. Its price starts at $12.99 for a monthly subscription. It allows you to watch HBO, Netflix, and similar other services that are geographically restricted.

Final Conclusion For Is Avast Secureline A Good VPN?

Thus, we can see that there are many great alternatives for Avast Secureline. However, if you want a basic VPN that fulfils all your basic requirements, you can always go for Secureline, although, you need to be sure if it is available in your location or not. To grab more similar articles check out WebTechCoupons.

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