Aviation Maintenance In Singapore


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Aviation Maintenance In Singapore

Times are exciting for the lovers of technology. With rapid advancement of AI, automation and data analytics etc, the modern aircraft are becoming increasingly sophisticated, different and reliant on digital tools. In such a scenario, the aviation maintenance companies are now facing greater challenges to keep the thousands of aircrafts flying each day. The world has become smaller and more inclusive only because of the civil aviation growth and in the post pandemic world, the need as well as the challenges have only multiplied. As the foremost destination for MRO aviation industry in Asia Pacific, Singapore-based aircraft maintenance service providers are now focusing on enhancing their abilities to take care of even the ultra-modern passenger jets that cost as much as hundreds of millions of dollars at times.

Although a large number of Singaporean MRO aviation companies are yet to switch to digital maintenance procedures, some of the leading names have switched to internationally reputed aviation maintenance software to ensure that they continue their market supremacy. By using cloud, AI, Data Analytics and IoT enabled software, these market leaders are able to offer faster, superior and smoother services to their customers.

As an MRO aviation company operating in such a dynamic and competitive market you need to regularly deal with a diversity of aircrafts such as sleek private jets, massive passenger jets such as A 380, cargo planes, advanced fighter aircraft, reconnaissance planes, drones, UAVs and so on. It is not only the type and size of aircrafts, but their roles, equipment, and maintenance needs are also diverse. If you are not nifty enough to deploy equally advanced cloud-based aviation maintenance technologies then chances are that you would lag behind in the market.

Not only the MRO aviation companies, but, the right aviation maintenance software would take care of the needs of different operators such as:

Defence forces – In the changing global landscape, defence operations have become increasingly dependent on technology and faster response times. If the response is not swift or the aircraft are found to lack in mission readiness when a contingency arrives, it could prove to be catastrophic for the defence forces. To address this challenge, and to ensure timely deployment, an automated software with access to real-time data has become a necessity.

Unmanned aircraft systems and drones have become a key component of the 21st century aviation business. Being remotely controlled and unmanned, these flying machines are completely reliant on advanced technologies such as cloud, IoT sensors, AI, data analytics and internet etc. A world class aviation software would seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of these machines including manufacturing, supply chain management, maintenance, flight operations management, customer and contract management, and even finance and reporting.

Today, you can easily deploy the most advanced MRO aviation platforms that offer industry-centric features such as multi-tenant capability, real-time data analytics, seamless operation across desktop and mobile devices. It will enable you to efficiently plan and schedule Line, Base and Shop Maintenance as well as repair and overhaul activities. The software would automatically identify and deploy the right human and technical resources for the right job at the right time. The entire operations are digital so there is no need to rely on outdated paper-based processes. Due to integration of cloud, all your crews can work on-the-go by using the integrated mobile app.

It has been observed that the deployment of such advanced aviation maintenance software enables users to automate up to 80% of their routine functions, leading to great time-savings for the personnel. The resultant automation reduces the turn-around-time and cost of human resources for the companies. Not only that, there are various monetary benefits of such an advanced software such as:

Warranty management – You can save up to $6 million savings on warranty

Data access and reporting – Reduction of up to 40% in data corruption

Inventory management – Almost 6% reduction in carrying costs

Contract management – Nearly 10% reduction in revenue leakages

When you use a cloud-based aviation maintenance software, it streamlines and offers easy integration of all 4 major MRO aviation services:

Component MRO – The software would offer seamless Component Receipt to ARC Release, Quote Management, and Invoicing processes with optimised customer interaction capabilities for better operations, usability, and ease of handling

Engine MRO – It will facilitate Engine slot management, Work scope evaluation, Engine visit, estimations, build-up, kitting, digitised task card, maintenance tracking and more

Line MRO – The software would manage AMO and Line station maintenance operations with efficient work scoping, defect reporting and flight service billing etc

Hangar MRO – Modern aviation maintenance software can manage the end-to-end cycle from aircraft induction to billing, work scope management, task card digitisation, planning and automated invoicing functions etc

Go ahead and make a mark in the hotly contested Singapore MRO aviation market by using a world-class cloud aviation maintenance software!

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