Baby Yoga: Really Useful?


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yoga has long been freed of its actual spirituality in our western world snd is now something of a mass sport. Almost everyone practices the relaxing stretches. For many people , yoga is simply part of a certain lifestyle and so in addition to normal yoga for adults there is also dog yoga menopause yoga and the latest craze: baby yoga.

In the USA, the latter is the big hit, which is now slowly spilling over to Germany. While yoga can make sense with children, its purpose for babies is more controversial. In theory it sounds pretty good: mother and child do something good for each other, relax together and the baby is massaged.

But the reality is a bit different in many cases: How do you explain to a baby that it should relax at this moment and not fidget as it would like? It is not uncommon for these courses to mutate into screaming and crying instead of a great relaxation session.

Doctors remain skeptical here, because unlike children and adults, yoga has no scientifically ascertainable influence on babies. And so you can’t get rid of the feeling that baby yoga also serves more as a kind of fulfillment of a lifestyle than a meaningful activity. Well, on the other hand, if the child and mother are really doing well together (!), Why not again …

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