Barack Obama enters the conflict subsequent to Trump’s assault on NATO

Anjali Jain
Barack Obama jumps into the fray after Trump attacks NATO

Former presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama assailed remarks made by Donald Trump in which he threatened not to assist NATO allies in the event of a Russian attack.
Trump stated at a campaign rally that he might urge Russia to intervene against nations that fail to meet their NATO defense spending obligations.
Such statements, according to Biden, are un-American and a security risk.

Obama agreed that authorizing an invasion of a NATO ally would send a perilous message, without mentioning Trump by name.
Obama stated in a post, “President Biden is entirely correct.”
“At this time, the last thing we need is a more unstable and chaotic world; one in which dictators are emboldened and our allies question our reliability.” “Let us continue to advance,” he further stated.
Individuals with close ties to Obama, such as Eric Holder, have voiced concern regarding the potential devastation that could result from a Trump victory in 2024.
Ahead of time, Trump has issued threats to withdraw from NATO commitments, which has alarmed alliance leaders.
NATO, which was established in the aftermath of World War II to counter the Soviet Union, is dependent on its members providing assistance in the event of an attack.
Trump contends that the United States should not assist nations that fail to spend 2% of their GDP on defense, as NATO mandates.
“One of the presidents of a major country stood up and asked, ‘Well sir, will you protect us if Russia attacks us if we don’t pay?'” Trump stated.
NATO chief reaffirms that allies will be safeguarded despite Trump’s remarks on Russia.

“I responded, ‘You failed to pay? “Are you a delinquent?” ‘Yes, let’s assume that occurred,’ he responded. “I would not provide protection for you,” the former president recalled.
Amid a congressional debate regarding foreign military aid, including that for Ukraine against Russia, he made these remarks.

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