Growing A Beard: How Can Growing A Beard Benefits A Man’s Health


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Growing A Beard: Did you know that there are many benefits to growing out a beard? Not only does it look great and grabs the attention of your potential partners, it can also add confidence to any man’s look. With that said, there are some health benefits to growing out a beard as well, and they are not all connected to your appearance!

A good beard can make you look better and keep you healthy

Preventing skin problems

The skin on our neck and face is very sensitive. A lot of adults suffer from acne, but a beard could actually be the answer you are looking for. Not only will it help cover up any rash you might have, not shaving your beard means that the rash is more likely to go away. Oftentimes, shaving your beard can do you more bad than good.

On the other hand, beards can protect your skin from sun damage. The degree of protection can depend on the thickness of your beard. If you are having any issues with growing your beard or maintaining it properly for any medical reasons, Dr Malay Mehta is a place you can check out.

Keep in mind that by protecting your skin from the UV rays, you are slowing down the aging process. The sun, although healthy, is one of the most common reasons of premature aging. By protecting your skin from the sun, you are ultimately slowing the aging process.

Fighting infection

There was a study done not long ago where it was shown that beards contained the same type of bacteria found in human feces. Now this might sound like something to be worried about if you have a beard, but don’t write off beards just yet.

A study that was done right after this one involved taking swabs from 408 staff in a hospitals, some that have beards and some that do not. The research shown that the workers who were clean shaven were 3 times more likely to carry bacteria associated with MRSA compared to those who had a beard.

Why is that? Well, the theory says that as you shave you are causing small cuts on your skin, which are invisible. These cuts are where bacteria will live and thrive in. By having a beard, you are not opening your skin to these bacteria to live in, thus you actually have a cleaner face than somebody who shaves every day.

Keeping you warm

In case you tend to often be cold, did you know that a beard can actually make a big difference? A beard can constantly keep you warm, it adds a protective layer to your chin and neck. The longer and fuller beard you have, the better you are insulating your face.

Helping with allergies

Another research that was done by the doctors in New York showed that your moustache and beard can help capture the particles of dust and other triggers of allergy before they get to your throat or nose. So if you have a bad case of allergies, asthma, or hay fever, a beard could be the most effective way to protect yourself.

Beards make you look more masculine

Although this might not be considered as a health benefit, it can really influence the way you see yourself. Most men who are able to grow a beard tend to be a lot more confident. With confidence comes a healthier state of mind as well!

Beards do not necessarily have to make you look manlier, but they can really help. Do not worry, if you are unable to grow a full beard, there are many things you can try today. You can consider the fue hair transplant cost in Mumbai according to Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic or talk to your doctor for more options.

Also, without shaving, you do not have to deal with razor burns and cuts. But this does not mean that you do not have to do anything. Regular trimming and taking care of your beard with proper products is important if you want to keep your beard looking good!


There are many reasons why having a beard is a good choice!

In addition, there have been many studies that proved that both women and men love beards. So whoever you are trying to attract, having a beard might actually help you on that journey. This does vary from one individual’s preferences to others, but there is no denying it that beards often make men look a lot more attractive and feel more confident.

Final word: How Can Growing A Beard Benefits A Man’s Health

There are many good reasons why you might want to grow a beard, but now you also know a coupel of health benefit reasons as well! Whether you just want to look good, or you want to save yourself from potential allergies, growing out a beard is a good choice!

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