Flowering Houseplants That Will Surely Beautify Your Space


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We all know how beautiful it looks when you see a green lush plant on the corner of your home and it just takes your heart away when you see a small bloom over it. It is just like an occasion for you when your effort and care is seen in the beautiful small bud. It looks beautiful as well as elegant and adds aesthetic beauty to the corner of your house. If we keep beside the beauty I’d still plant, plants are very beneficial for humans as they give us fresh air to breathe, they radiate positive energy in the space and many more. 

5 most beautiful houseplants with flowers 

There are many flowering house plants which you can plant inside your house, this will just make you fall in love with the corner with little care. So if you don’t know which flower plant will go for your home. Here we have a list of flowers which you can surely choose to give your home corner a new look – 

1. Flowering Maple

This beauty is present in a variety of shades like yellow, pink, orange, red etc. This beautiful bloom looks like crepe paper, which gives it a very different and elegant look. You can plant this in a hanging basket or in a pot as it grows upright. It is very much similar to the maple trees, but in reality, it doesn’t belong to the maple family. The biggest advantage of this plant is that it is fast-growing and has flowers almost every time. 

2. Oxalis

This plant is very pretty because it has left in the shape of a triangle that is purple in colour, which makes it look more beautiful. Also, it has interesting features that its leaves get folded at night or in very dim light. You can find these beauties in many tonnes with silver accents or not. It’s very beautiful and fascinating, it adds colour to the corner of your house. So if you are thinking of adding colour to your monotonous space, you can actually consider this for a different colour.

3. Peace lily

These beauties have white flowers on them which just adds elegance to your room. These beauties are very easily available and also you just have to care a little for them. These are ever-growing plants which produce flowers throughout the year but in summer if they get the right temperature, their production of flowers increases. They are the easiest growing plant which gives a tropical beauty to your home. You can easily get these beauties on online flower shops, so don’t think twice and buy this for your house. 

4. Jasmine

These beauties are also available in a variety of options and the best part is they are easy to grow. They just need Light and water. Most commonly they are seen in white and pink colour and have a little sweet fragrance. They grow very easily and have flowers throughout the year. You will find this house plant very easily in shops and nearby. This plant has dark green leaves which have an oily texture on it which gives a tropical touch to it. 

5. Brazilian Firework

This is a great choice that can be easily planted in your house. It is a very attractive and eye-catching plant as its flowers are very colourful, also it has a silver lining on its leaves which makes it stand out from other plants. In this plant, flowers come in the summer and spring season, and that too is very beautiful and colourful. And when the flower dies, it gives a small black seed through which you can easily plant more plants. This bloom is so attractive that you don’t have to worry about how it looks, you put this anywhere in the house and it adds beauty to it. 

Final Words

These are the 5 most beautiful houseplants with flowers that you can add to make your space more beautiful and interesting. This is the best way to beautify your space because plants will also give you fresh air and keep the environment cool. Nowadays online birthday flower delivery is also available, which have truckloads of options available just for you so choose the nest for your house, with the comfort of your couch. You can order these plants to give your space a definition and beauty.

Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
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