Automation Testing-10 Best Tutorial Websites: Learn Automation with Real Examples


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The global business environment is rapidly changing, and software is at the core of this change. As a result, it has become the focus of everyone’s interest. Software development has picked up pace at such an alarming rate that quality can no longer be ignored. It is high time that we make sure the software product is reliable and does not cause chaos in any system or organization it is implemented. The fact is that you have an amazing product or a software, but its quality is deplorable. At the end of the day, users will find it hard to trust your product for the lack of compliance with industry standards. This means there is a lot of room for improvement and should be a top priority. Despite the sincere efforts and go-getter nature of the developers, quality software is hard to come by these days. This is because the software companies that are promising top quality software employ a range of emergent tools and technologies in their development process. Automation Testing is one such tool that has emerged as a hot commodity in the software industry.

If you’re exploring automation testing tutorials, then one of the first questions that may cross your mind is: “How does automation testing training help me become a better software engineer?” You should ask yourself this question because it is crucial to test the software for bugs before bringing it to professional use. If the product is not tested, then there is a risk that it might vary from its requirements or fail to deliver the desired results efficiently. It is true that automation testing tutorials are useful to achieve real-time software success. From beginners to professionals, all can join these online programs depending on the scope of expertise. One can search online and find relevant websites to view these testing tutorials for in-depth insights on automation testing.

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

This course is a comprehensive study program for students and professionals planning to enter the word of software development and testing. Covering material that meets international standards and taught by an experienced professional who is recognized as an expert in the field. For beginner testers, the ISTQB is a necessary stepping stone on their journey to become an IT professional. We help you acquire the skills that are vital to start your career as a software tester. We make sure all the concepts are up to date with the most recent technologies.

Their tutorial provides hands-on training and real-world experience for organizations who want to hire a professional software tester for their organization. The ISTQB Software Testing Foundation V3 is for entry-level test roles, and also for anyone who needs exposure to key software testing concepts. Whether you’re a tester, test manager, test engineer or test analyst, this course will give you the foundation skills to be able to perform your role effectively. You get to see how software tests are planned and executed, as well as understand and use test data based on test techniques commonly applied in today’s software development environment.


Udemy is one of the best platforms for online learning. It’s available online and across other platforms like a mobile app. You can take many courses on your computer or on your mobile device from beginner level to advanced level. Udemy is an online learning marketplace with over 60,000 courses on a wide array of subjects. It pairs excellent instructors with our passionate student community. The Udemy for Enterprise Training is the largest technical training program in the world, serving Fortune 500 companies and global government agencies. Recognized as one of the leading providers of the cloud-based learning platform, users can sign up for a free trial and start learning at their convenience.

Udemy is the go-to site for lifelong learning. Thousands of courses to choose from—from Python programming tutorials to sales courses that will up your income in 2019. All the best courses with professional instructors, videos, and community support. When you enroll with Udemy, you get access to over 40,000 courses taught by industry experts on software development, analytics, and business skills—including popular courses such as Android App Development for Complete Beginners, The Complete Java Developer Masterclass Bundle, etc.


Offering Instructor-led courses and tutorials, Edureka allows technical candidates to learn about automation testing. Some of the best courses include Selenium Certification Training and Performance Testing using Jmeter. Often, the first step to success is learning the right skills. Edureka’s Automation courses will teach you the skills needed for a career in IT testing. When it comes to learning tools, the online world can be confusing. Edureka sets itself apart from other websites by creating training videos created by test engineers who have already worked in the industry–so you know you’re learning from the best.


Guru99 is the ultimate resource for learning automation testing. We have hundreds of practice problems available 24/7, along with a blog and forum that covers everything you need to know about the latest programming languages. Guru99 provides the platform to become a well-trained software tester, eager to go into the industry. As a student at Guru99, you get challenged by our blend of instructional content and practice activities designed to help you achieve excellence in your profession. Guru99 is a community that helps you learn the skills to land your dream job as a software tester. Here, you get access to training courses and study resources, plus the chance to create and share video tutorials about your favorite topics. The guru99 online training platform is an automated software testing course in Selenium, QTP, JMeter, and other popular tools.

Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help provides a large number of tutorial courses to help you learn how to test effectively and efficiently. They have divided their courses into multiple video lessons so that you can learn everything about testing in an easy way. Each video lesson is supplemented with easy to understand texts and detailed step-by-step processes. Software Testing Help offers tutorials on every aspect of software testing, including automated testing. Their courses are divided into short, digestible learning steps with explanatory videos, and they provide 24/7 online support. It is an online portal dedicated in providing tips, advice and material to anyone involved in the software testing process or general software development. Focusing on automation testing, Software Testing Help aims at providing a detailed insight into the process. They offer a wide variety of tutorials aimed at teaching software testers what they need to know in order to succeed in the real world. They offer both fundamental and advanced level courses which teach you how to use testing tools and techniques, as well as providing a course focused exclusively on software testing.

LambdaTest Learning Hub

LambdaTest Learning Hub have created a series of posts designed to help you start your journey in automation and master the basics. With these articles, you can learn from scratch. They offer high-quality, beginner-friendly resources that help you learn the basics of Selenium WebDriver and how to get started with automated testing.They have a curated collection of resources that helps you learn how to automate the testing process. The Learning Hub offers a Curated list of python tutorials to help learners start their automation testing journey. They also have guides, knowledge base on exploring different types of Selenium locators, complete website mobile testing guides and tutorials on website nesting, NUnit, automation testing, cross-browser testing, Selenium, JUnit and WebDriverIO tutorial to help them get started. They have made it easy for people to learn how to automate their websites using Python, Selenium and a few different frameworks.

Test Automation University

New and experienced developers, testers and business analysts looking for a job or career advancement can learn, discuss and network through Test Automation University’s online courses. Searching for a place where you can master automated testing on real world projects? Join your fellow testers and experience industry experts, share best practices, and learn cutting edge technology while earning a degree from the first online university for testers. Test Automation University is a virtual space that connects learning through a variety of channels to advance your automation career. They provide free training for software testers to get in-depth knowledge on automation testing tools, frameworks, and methodologies.


Udacity helps you create a career in technology fields by providing relevant nanodegree programs and Mentor Programs. They help navigate the nanodegree programs for various automation languages including C++, Machine Learning, Data engineer, Robotics. They also have mentor programs to help you with a mentor.

Automation In Testing

Automation in Testing offers best and latest courses related to automation testing, programmatic testing, and agile testing. They provide online training on each level which includes programming basics, language basics, advanced techniques and framework overview. Automation Mentor started as a blog describing how to automate software testing. The blog hosts articles and ebooks on advanced automation techniques. Later they realised that there was a need for a specialised training course for which they created Automation In Testing. The syllabus of these courses is designed based on the needs of the students while taking into account their current job roles and project requirements. Their effective online tutorials will enable you to start Automation Testing and explore the art of software development. It will help you become a great professional.


This platform will help you develop skills in the industry-standard automation tools by letting you learn at your own pace.Whether you are a beginner looking for the right training or a veteran in search of some fresh knowledge, our comprehensive suite of courses and tutorials is for you. This automated testing platform has everything you need for your test process, including test design, test data design, and test data generation. They even have tools to make sure your tests are fast and accurate. They have curated a library of interactive automation tutorials with hands-on examples to help you learn the basics. If you have any questions, there are frequently asked questions that are answered regularly. Tutorials are well-written, easy to follow and best practices are used. The highly organized structure of tutorials saves your time and helps you improve your speed.

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