Best Blackout Curtains – An Economical Way to Block Out the Sun


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Blackout curtains are just one layer of window coverings, usually used to filter light out of a room. Curtains get their name from their ability to darken a room by preventing the sun from entering. Curtains come in a variety of dark colors and designs. They can either be thin or thick, depending on the need of the homeowner.

Blackout curtains Dubai block out most of the light, especially the ultraviolet light which passes through the fabric. Curtains have the darkness feature built into the material, making for a thicker material than regular curtains. But, they still weigh less than regular curtains, which are over one third thicker. Curtains block out over 95% of the visible light, giving your room the impression that it is closed and even when the sun shines through, the room is dark.

Curtains Are Best for Blocking The Sunlight 

One of the most common uses for Blackout Curtains is for blocking out external light. Blackout window treatments help you sleep better at night without waking up to the sun or the morning light shining through the windows. Curtains may block up to 95% of the light which would normally wake you up in the morning, especially if you live on a coast with strong sunlight all day long. The darker the curtains, the darker the outside noise you can hear. Curtains help you sleep better at night by blocking out all outside noise.

Blackout drapes are also used in many industrial applications. They are ideal in areas where there is heavy machinery or other forms of equipment which needs to be shielded from the damage caused by high heat and abrasions. While most Blackout Curtains look like regular curtains most have specially designed panels within the material which can be drawn open or closed. Some of these panels are attached to rollers which allow easy movement from one side of the office to the other. Proper installation of curtains requires professionals who are experienced in this field.

Types Of Blackout Curtains

There are three basic types of Blackout Curtains available and they include roll ups, blackout curtains, and mini blinds. These are usually referred to as pitch dark. Complete darkness is provided by the total darkness of the material thus it can be used for exterior and interior use. Roll-up curtains use a series of slats to roll up into a tight seal to block out light. It is recommended to get the proper installation and positioning of these curtains.

There are other types of Blackout Window Treatments including solar screening and thermally obstructed window treatments. Both pitch dark and total darkness Blackout Window Treatments blocks out external light but does not provide total darkness. Solar screening uses solar screening film or panels which help block the sun rays and prevent heat gain. Thermally obstructed window treatments like Venetian Blinds and roller shades, also provide a lot of darkening by using air gap between the tint and the window. Curtain Dubai helps in controlling the temperature and maintaining a constant room temperature inside the building.

When looking for window treatment or blackout curtains. One can choose from a wide range of fabrics to match their room interiors and exteriors. Curtains made of heavy fabrics like velvet are used for hotels and other similar commercial establishments. But the advantage of using heavy fabrics is that they remain blocked on the runways even in the winter. It is better to go for dark colors, light colored fabrics, light-colored or white fabrics if the place of work is dim and lit only through small windows. Blackout shades work well to maintain privacy in offices and business establishments.


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