Best CPG Trade Marketing Strategies for 2021


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For a CPG product to be sold to the broader market segment, it needs to reach shopkeepers. As we all know, grocers  are the first door that the public knocks on and buys the goods from.

But they have a lot of options to pick from. How do they choose their manufacturing brands? 

Reliability, compatibility, the credibility of a brand makes supermarkets pick one brand from hundreds. The brands have to have these to grow their business. The process of marketing the services or products of a manufacturer to grocers  and distributors is trade marketing. Trade marketing is a type of B2B marketing. It is the art of focusing on the middlemen, aka supply chain partners, and sell products. 

For a manufacturer, leaving a mark in the market requires lots of effort and an effective strategy. They have to be planned to make the retailers have an impactful experience because they are the ones who hold the ultimate power in the market. To win the constant ongoing battle, manufacturers should apply trade marketing tactics.

Take a look at how you can make more retailers trust and choose you.

1. Product Proposition Prep

Preparing the product proposition will show you an overview picture of how your product is going to be seen on the market. Apart from solid product offering, you can also achieve your product’s unique value and effectively make conversations easier. You need various trade marketing tools. In this article, you will read more about trade marketing robots for FMCG brands.

2. Identifying the Gap

One of the most important steps in trade marketing is market research. Analyzing customer data will help you identify a gap, a place for your product. Check if your product is able to fill the void. Also, product positioning can be considered as a decisive factor. If your product falls in the FMCG range, check how the shoppers make the purchase decision. Also, for product positioning, think about the lifestyle of your target customers. It will help you decide how you communicate your message to them. 

3. Create Your USP

USP means “unique selling proposition” – telling how your products are different and better than anything else in the market. It is the factor that differentiates you from your competitors. It might be your product’s unique features. If you are unsure about what USP to market, don’t worry. Your outstanding customer service can also become your USP.

Tip: Communicate your USP directly to your customers.

4. Trade Shows and Promotions

To increase product sales, you need to have good business relationships. Trade shows provide an apt environment to improve brand awareness. One of the best ways to attract the attention of wholesalers, grocers  towards your product is by promoting it uniquely. For FMCG, trade marketing robots are becoming the leading trade show entertainers and performers. Yes, robots can do marketing and, more specifically, interactive marketing. They provide something new to explore and can help you win B2B customers. .

5. Use Trade Magazines And Websites

Doing content the right way can be magical. Advertisements and articles about your services and products are capable of bringing more eyeballs towards your brand. Branding and PR are essential pillars of the marketing world and help to build trust and authenticity. Content and PR won’t help you increase sales immediately. However, in the long run, these tactics will increase customer loyalty

6. Strategic Partnerships

One of the most valuable trade marketing techniques is to create strategic partnerships. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers want to sell the products and earn profits. So, collaborating with all supply chain partners is crucial, and you can effectively do it by aligning inventory and shipping management systems to generate shared savings. Additionally, changing marketing research tactics helps understand consumer behaviour better and improves shopper experience instore.

7. Digital marketing

Social media, content marketing, email marketing, and ad campaigns are modern methods to boost online presence. A solid online presence accompanied by a comprehensive strategy can make it easier. From SEO, lead generation to Facebook & Instagram ads, become more accessible to your customers and get reached quickly.

The Final Words

Trade marketing is rough even in normal circumstances, but adding COVID-19 to the picture made it almost impossible for new brands to get on the shelves of retailers. Follow out tips for a better chance at amazing retailers and pleasing customers. 


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