Best Food Photography Tips and Tricks to Make Your Instagram Feed Eye-Catching


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When you just begin to click pictures of delicious food on your Instagram page, they may not look outstanding provided you are a professional. If you have a food business, taking stunning photographs of the various delicacies is necessary. You need to implement the basic photography principles using your DSLR camera to make people appreciate your Instagram visuals. You don’t need to use a high-end camera to take photos because smartphone clicks also look great if you know the basics of photography. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, you need to use your eyes before focusing on the camera lens to take great Instagram shots. 

Try to create an inspiring foodie Instagram feed to help you grow your followers using your creativity and imagination. Your food photos must be eye-catching so that people stop scrolling and engage with your content. In this article, we will walk you through the best tips and tricks to help you take jaw-dropping photos to make your IG feed outstanding. Here is how: 

Make the most of natural light 

When you take photos of food, remember to focus on the most essential aspect of good photography, which is natural light. Yes, you must turn off the bright, indoor overhead lights to prevent your pictures from appearing flat or having unappealing color effects. Find the best natural light source where you are taking the shot. Take food shots close to windows to get maximum natural lighting. If you feel that the light is too harsh, adjust the lighting with curtains, ensuring not to make the room dark or too bright. 

Take food photos avoiding bright light, making the shots look blown out and unattractive. If it is your restaurant, take photos near a window seat for the best effect. Most restaurants have yellow overhead lighting and to take the best shot of a dessert, cover the overhead light with one hand and use the other hand to take the picture. 

Take your time to compose the photo

Do not rush when you take food shots; take your time instead so that the photos become Instagram-worthy. Remember blurred or poor quality images have no place on Instagram because people will not like your content in that case. Take pictures of a single food item and work on it to make it look stunning on your IG feed. At other times, you can plan for a complete food decor session inclusive of linens, props, fancy plates, stunning cutleries, and of course food garnishing. This tactic will help you buy followers on Instagram and build more engagement

Take your time to compose every photo instead of taking multiple shots with no planning and precision just for the sake of it. Even if you take a shot of a bowl containing thick chicken soup, it should look stunning on your Instagram feed. 

Try making your food photos look one-off

Think out of the box if you are planning to take shots of breakfast sandwiches, bacon, sunny side up, and salamis. Think of something creative when it comes to the presentation of breakfast food. You can write the words, ‘Good Morning’ in the mustard sauce to take your food styling to the next level. 

Again, if you want to celebrate Women’s Day on March 8, decorate your desserts using the number eight. You can style your sweet dishes with bright red cherries or strawberries displaying the eight. You can even write Happy Women’s Day using colorful fruits. Alternatively, you can use frosting on a cake to show that you are celebrating Women’s Day. You don’t need to use ingredients all the time if mustard sauce or frosting on cake works for your food photography on Instagram. Your goal is to make your IG food spectacular to grow more likes, comments, and followers. 

Narrate interesting stories through Instagram food photos 

Food styling or decoration should also have an interesting story to tell. Yes, you can narrate good stories with food photos. For instance, if it is the anniversary event of your bistro, style your meals to make it look jaw-dropping. Your photos must convey the anniversary celebration and aesthetic appeal of the food presentation. 

You can even take photos of people eating at your place at the event, especially the loyal customers. You can take a group of families or friends dining at your restaurant together with the scrumptious dishes on display. 

Even a sneak peek of the anniversary décor, how you toss up delicious meals will tell an interesting story to your audience. For example, take an eye-catching photo of fresh meat on the fire pit and green salad on a plate will help you connect with your customers and pique their interest to learn more about the celebration. 


Keep these tips and tricks in mind when taking food photos for your Instagram page. Make your feed look awesome for maximum engagement.

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