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Owning a motorcycle is a beautiful experience. Meeting like-minded people to share ideas and also learn about motorcycles, especially motorcycle insurance and other motorcycle-related issues will be an addition to the experience. In this guide, we will look at the best motorcycle insurance forum from a shortlist of motorcycle forums where you can learn a lot about motorcycle and motorcycle insurance. 

Forums are a good place to get instant answers and also discover trendy topics for people with little or no knowledge about motorcycles. For this reason, every motorcycle owner should belong to a forum. The motorbike forums on our list cover a variety of motorcycle issues like motorbike insurance coverage, stolen bike, and much more. So, sit tight as we unravel our list before pointing out the best on the list.

List of Motorcycle Insurance Forums

Bike Forums 

Bike Forum is a very comprehensive online motorcycle forum. Discussion on this forum covers a wide range of motorcycle topics such as bike maintenance, pre-purchase, bike repair, and motorcycle insurance issues. The forum is highly active that any query gets almost instant responses from other members. What I like most about Bike Forum is that it consists of experts with good knowledge of motorbikes, hence you will get experts to advise on any motorbike-related issues you may be facing.

The contents on the forum are very detailed and the members are like-minded, welcoming, and relate positively with others. Also, this forum will provide you with the much-needed knowledge for buying the right motorcycle. You will be guided from buying the right motorbike for your riding experience to acquiring the right insurance coverage for your bike and the right way.

Besides the discussion part of the platform, the forum has other activities that can impact the lives of the members in different ways. Bike Forum has a café store, charity events, a marketplace where members can buy and sell motorcycle-related items and earn revenues, and many other options. 

Biker Match

Biker Match is another place where bike owners meet to share ideas on bike-related issues while learning from each other. But it is a bit different from the other normal forums in that it is involved in courting interaction amongst bike owners, that is why the forum was termed “Biker Match”. It was initially created for UK bikers in 2006 The site operates more like a social media for bikers and dating. Biker Match now has 85,000 registered members, and their website gets over 2,000,000 monthly visitors.

The Biker Match website is so busy that each day the site gets more than 5000 logins. Members meet regularly and organize different racing events. And more than 1000 events are organized every year. So, if you are someone who enjoys socializing with members of your niche, the Biker Match will be a good fit for you.

Total Motorcycle

Total Motorcycle is a motorcycle forum that is as busy as the Biker Match. It has more than 35,000 articles on its blog providing relevant information on a variety of motorcycle Topics. The contents on the site cover guides, resources, bike models, manufacturers, and review contents, including bike insurance coverage and technical guides for its members.

The website also has various templates, tools, workshops, and membership for members. What amazes me about this forum is that though it is a forum, it allows members the chance to search different and visit different forums through a search section on their website. Besides being a forum, they do publish bike-related news content, as well as a step-by-step guide related to motorcycle insurance coverage on their website regularly. They have a list of over 10 reliable motorcycle insurance companies that offers coverage with ease.

The Sportbike Network

The sportbike Network has a motorcycle group where members from different locations can interact, meet, and help each other. It is a forum but there is a lot of motorsport activities taking place on their website. They have more than 120 thousand members and over 3.5 million content on the website. The contents on the site cover different bike-related topics and motorcycle insurance coverage as well. These contents help members easily manage their biking journey by meeting their needs. The dialogue section of their website is also categorized into different sections. 

·        Section 1 – You will get first-hand recommendations as a new rider

·        Section 2 – Get recommendation to improve your motorbike sport performance

·        Section 3 – Get tips and ideas just to help you have a good day if that is what you want

·        Section 4 – Get help to fix minor technical issues with your bike

·        Section 5 – Provide biking tips and tricks for female bikers

·        Section 6 – A forum for military bikers

Which is The Best Motorcycle Insurance Forum?

From our research, we noticed that Bike Forum is the best among them all. This is because Bike Forum is member centricity. They have a lot of activities going on their website that can offer members some awesome financial benefits. On top of that, the contents on their platform cover a wide variety of topics that most of the forums on our list do not cover. Topics like the marketplace, Q&A section, etc. And it has a free and premium membership option.


Everyone needs guidance. Especially when it comes to issues like keeping up with a bike, or finding your way through the huddles of acquiring motorcycle insurance coverage. In most cases when we think of insurance coverage, we think of maybe contacting an agent to get information. But the truth is that there are some hard truths that insurance agents themselves may not be able to reveal to you. So, the best place to go and get such information firsthand is a forum. Because forums are full of people with first-hand experience on what you are struggling with. So, if you are looking for a motorcycle insurance forum, then you should consider our recommendation.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any forum with insurance companies offering insurance coverage? 

From our understanding, NO. What we know is that forums contain people with experience with different insurance companies and their behaviours. Therefore, you can only be referred to the right insurance company that will offer you satisfactory insurance coverage per your needs.

Can a forum member post content on the forum?

Members can post conversational content on the discussion board of any forum, but members cannot publish a blog post. Access to publishing a blog post, just like every other website, is reserve for the owner of the website. Unless you want to do a guest post, then the forum owner can give you a chance upon negotiation. 

What is the best forum for motorcycle insurance?

The best of anything depends on your unique needs. Generally, when it comes to insurance, people have different needs. So, your choice for the best will depend on the availability of your needs. The forum that meets your needs, will be the best for you. But from our list, we found Bike Forums to be the best due to their extensive features.

Is there an age limit for joining a forum?

We have never encountered a case of age limit in joining any forum. But if there should be any, it should be 18, just like with every other access requirement. 

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