Best Things To Do In Sydney Australia: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier


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For most any Holiday to the land down under isn’t complete without visiting the iconic city of Sydney. As well as being the county’s largest city, it is also regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. That fact is clear to see in the idyllic architecture, unique landmarks, and picturesque harbor, botanic gardens, and memorable skyline, that will leave an unforgettable impression on those who visit. To add to its status, Sydney is the most visited city in the country featuring the famous Sydney harbor, which features the Sydney Opera house and Harbor Bridge.


This pulsating city won’t fail to amaze either an eager tourist from across the seas or an Australian from the other parts of the continent. The expansive city is filled with many places to visit, and things to do, that there end up being a whole range of activities you need to participate in, to truly experience Sydney. It’s these locations that give Sydney its own unique personality.

To better express this, every trip to Sydney has to be accompanied by a Sydney Harbor Cruise or other famous activities such as the climb in the arbor Bridge, and a trip to the Sydney Tower Eye. One would expect that when participating in a Sydney tour, one would only be surrounded by other overseas tourists. On the contrary, many first-time Australian visitors take similar tours as well. Something to note is that, if you join a tour, you can avoid the cost of renting a car or the hassle of parking and fees that come along with a private vehicle.

best-things-to-do-in-sydney-australiaScenic world ride – Blue Mountains

Outings or day trips to the Blue Mountains and/or Jenolan Caves, away from the immediate city are popular choices for many of the Sydney sightseeing tours. If you would prefer less exertive activities and would like to try out some delicious wine, then a Hunter Valley winery tour is definitely the way to go. Even if you don’t want to leave the city there are plenty of great places to visit that’ll satisfy anyone, be it a cultural enthusiast, sightseer, and even wildlife lover. Activities like a Sydney hop on and off bus tour, or a walking tour of the famous Opera House and The Rocks as well as a Taronga Zoo and Ferry adventure.

A Tour of the Blue Mountains

Near the top of the list of any trip, of which the natural beauty is renowned the world over, the Blue Mountains are situated in New South Wales. With a dramatic landscape consisting of waterfalls, and outstanding rock formations, there’s a lot on offer at the Blue Mountains.

The uniqueness of the Blue Mountains lies in the sheer cliffs that fall into deep valleys. There’s so much to do that one could be easily incited into spending several days to enjoy the mountains. In essence, it is definitely on the itinerary for every traveler to Australia.

The main attraction of the mountains is the splendid panoramas that are present. There are days, unfortunately, where rain or haze can obstruct vision and dull the experience so it’s best to check the weather before heading over.

One of the ways to enjoy the scenery is through a cable car which enables you to observe the mountains and eucalyptus trees from above. You can even participate in a Blue Mountain day tour from Sydney. For the more adventurous there are trails that can be short or take several days to complete. You can encounter waterfalls and spectacular observation points where you could capture wonderful bluish photos to take home.

best-things-to-do-in-sydney-australiaThree Sisters lookout – Blue Mountains

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour

Hunter valley is not a vast area, with a great many predators on the prowl, as its name would have you believe. Quite the contrary in fact, it’s known for its vineyards that line the foothills of the Brokeback Range. You also have the Hunter River to the north, rays of sunshine, and the occasional kangaroo hopping about, and you have a very serene place to enjoy at leisure. The valley is located north of Sydney, and is essential on a tour, to experience the country’s oldest wine region. You can let yourself indulge in the iconic white wine Semillon, after a three-hour train ride with splendid scenery, and join a Hunter Valley winery tasting tour.

best-things-to-do-in-sydney-australiaBalloon rides in Hunter Valley, Sydney

Grand Pacific Drive Sydney

You can find the Grand Pacific Drive just south of New South Wales. It’s often overlooked in favor of the more well known, Great Ocean Road, nevertheless the Grand Pacific Drive is still a top tier route for a road trip. It is a manageable 140km long, treating you to eye-opening views of the ocean and rainforests while passing through quaint seaside towns and cities, with so much more to experience. What adds to the fun, is that after completing the drive, it’s easy to loop back to Sydney, again passing through more memorable locations. If you feel like it there’s more to see if you keep heading south. In fact, there’s so much to do and see it’s best to hire a tour guide. This way you can travel at your own pace.

The outdoors of Port Stephens

Weary of the crowds of the more popular and very commercialized holiday spots? In that case, Port Stephens is the place for you. It’s the perfect getaway for families, a great area to observe marine life, and a haven for beachgoers. It’s just two and a half hours north of Sydney or if you’re heading from Newcastle airport it’s twenty minutes and from Newcastle itself an hour.

The port is well known for its vast sand dunes and extensive main harbor which is populated with diverse marine life. There is a range of outdoor activities to enjoy, complimented with great weather almost anytime you’re there. This makes it a great place to slow down and catch your breath from a frantic urban lifestyle.

You also get to have a lot of fun out of the water too. With great wineries more inland and seafood that’s famous for its freshness and a variety of walks and drives landing to panoramic vistas bursting with color, a Port Stephens tour, and you have a great underappreciated location to take a vacation too.

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