Most of the people on social media said that they will increase the followers of their Instagram account. And you also see that your friends have 5-10k followers where you have just 200. There are many social website ads which tell you the names of many apps that can help you to increase your followers, but not all of them are genuine. In this article we will tell you the exact means by which you can increase the number of followers on Instagram and the number of followers increased with the guidance of GetInsta and your followers will never be less, so let’s start today’s topic how to increase the number of free Instagram followers with GetInsta app.

How to increase Instagram followers?

Today I will tell you some best tips on how you can increase your Instagram followers through GetInsta and how to get 1000 free Instagram followers trial without spending any money, so let’s start to open out how to increase followers of your Instagram account.

Profile setup of Instagram account:

First of all you’ve to go to your profile edit option and set up your Instagram account profile entirely and give everything so that your profile can be User Friendly and you have to put your best photo in your profile picture whenever someone visits your Instagram profile. Then there will be more chances to follow you.

Daily update:

If you really want to increase your followers it is very important that you must be always updated on your profile. Daily uploading videos and photos is a very good tip. There is a lot of engagement in people so that any post you make comes to the notice by the people. These are the tips that you must keep in mind and besides GetInsta will guide you.

Use hashtag:

Trending hashtags will help you to increase followers so when you post any pictures or videos must use trending #hashtags. Suppose it is time of diwali or holi so you can use #Diwali, or #Holi. This will be very useful to gain Instagram followers free and likes.


Instagram has the feature of stories the same as whatsapp and it lasts for 24 hours. Here you can post any photos or short videos so that you get views in your story and there will be engagement with the people and it also helps you to reach people. The people who don’t follow you also watch your stories and if they love your profile will also follow you.

Likes and comments:

You always have to like and comment on other people’s posts. In this, the person whose post you like must read the comment of his post and go to the like option and see who has liked his post, then that person must go to your profile and see. The chances increase here that the person will follow you. With your Instagram account people are active. That’s why you need to like and comment on people’s posts. GetInsta also helps you to gain free likes, comments and followers.

Follow users:

This is a very effective method and you can gain followers by using this method. You’ve to follow at least 50 people at a time but don’t cross the limit because if you follow more than 100 people in a time then your account will be temporarily banned. The work has to be done in one to two months. After a while you need to unfollow all the people so that you can increase the number of real Instagram followers every day.


If you follow these tips and install GetInsta, you can easily increase your followers and get famous.

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