Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails: How to Archive Outlook Emails?


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Best Way to Archive Outlook emails

Did you ever notice While scrolling your Microsoft Outlook account being slow? With the basic email functions such as to send/ receive, which acts a little bit slower?

Setting for Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails

Then you must check out your mailbox sizes.

After checking, you will be shocked because there you may see just how blotted your email account is.

Most of the time the outlook version for checking out, you need to click> folder> properties> storage,

then you need to click on any of the folders or select properties,

After selecting the properties, there will appear a total size in which we may choose the folder and any subfolder associated.

The outlook auto-archive automatically backup functions delete all your items,

whether it’s sending items, an expired task or it can be the calendar items.

If you get hundreds of messages daily in your email account, then you do not need to delete them,

because you can move them in your inbox; you can even take the risk of sabotaging your email outlook account.

If you exceed 2GB storage in your overstepped inbox then maybe it can slow your outlook email account while running.

However, this solving problem is doable, and CMIT recommends the solution,

That you and your support team have to follow the five steps outlined below to change your auto-archive settings:

Step 1

Create a new folder and .PST (Personal folders) to holding archive file mail:

Right-click on-heading in my computer at the bottom of the folder list and now you have to select the new folder.

After that, name the folder according to your preference.

Even You can keep archive mails or whatever you want this can easily recognize;

If you are using an older version of outlook then go and select the file>

Now archive or change the date under Archived items rather than the older ones.

Step 2

Create a new archive rule:

Click on the tools> rules, select exchange from the computer section, then click the + near button in the window.

After that, name the rule that has something meaningful and easy to recognize such as “120 days, auto-archive.”

Step 3

Determine the time limit and email destination eligible for Archiving:

When a new message arrives in a menu, change the received date, in my recommendation ( 120 to 180 days).

Then change which is following two defining actions like “move message + Male archive.”

Now click the checkbox for enabled and click on Ok. in the older Outlook version,

here you need to click on tools> options> other> auto-archive, which will bring up a similar set of options.

Step 4

Create the new rule for existing email folders:

If you are setting up a new role that all emails over the six-month-old are archived there,

Then do not let an ageing message be received before that rule is implementing continuously to clog up in your inbox section.

Now select the preferred mail folder, then click messages> rules> 180 Day, auto-archive,

And now wait patiently while your email account is recognizing itself.

Do not forget to perform this function with every desired folder, and even outlook uses “Last modified date” to achieve, not “receiving data.”

Step 5

To access your archived email:

You have to wait for your right on the left-handed column in the folder, then go to under the list, [.PST files] in your computer.

With all of your other email folders and the key, they are no longer taking up space in your mailbox.

Archives cannot cure all email diseases.

Any archive emails on your local computer will not slow up online

if you want to access your mail via the Outlook web application.

Archive them, meaning they are no longer hosted on the exchange server.

 And a [.PST file] and archived folder is stored on your local hard drive.

It’s still capable of disaster data loss if this doesn’t get backed up as part of your backup and recovery disaster plan.

Also, keep in mind that tabs of outlook are not a real solution for email archiving.

This quick process will help you free up your storage spaces in the program,

but it will not protect your email via offsite backup and search a word across accumulated years of messages.

Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails

Best tips to archive your Outlook email

There are many people who are not aware that Microsoft offers an unlimited amount of cloud.

For the Best archive storage is free, and this is also known as exchange online archiving.

If you want to take this advantage,  then you do not have to purchase any Office 365 level subscription on this feature.

However, once you set it up properly, many benefits are available.

If you have an email archive in the secure cloud, then Microsoft – so as opposed to clogging appears to compare – it’s to go away.

Offering creates security, and even it will provide you durability and offer retention policies that will help you reduce your company’s liability.

This is super simple for end-users who can easily view their Archives right from the familiar client of outlook.

Still, they couldn’t edit and delete the archive emails ( in my opinion, this is a good thing).

Note that it may make archive policy decisions on the corporate level;

But It simply means your IT team and your IT consultant Team should be more responsible for making these types of decisions.

Because they have to manage and maintain their platform.

If you want to exchange this online, now archiving can be the best traffic solution for small and midsize companies.

Archiving is the most important for them, but they do not want any advanced features.

For the larger companies who require more detailed auditing, and more granular Discovery options, and archiving attachment,

it may consider the more advanced third-party platforms.

Closing Notes: Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails

To conclude this topic, Here we share with you the best way to archive Outlook emails. If you get value from this article, don’t forget to share it with those looking for it.

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