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Dense cloud businesses like ServiceNow as well as Snowflake had struggled as consumers have turned to more cautious holdings as a consequence of elevated inflation and exchange rates.

ServiceNow’s market price dropped by around 20% during the last 2 months, whereas Snowflake’s market price fell by even more than 40%. Could companies consider purchasing any cloud stock at this time?

Before going to explore the key difference between these two cloud stocks we will give a brief introduction to servicenow and snowflake.


ServiceNow seems to be a cutting-edge cloud platform that offers workflow-driven answers to business problems. ServiceNow, well known for its excellent IT Management System, has provided Software solutions to numerous IT and non-IT concerns. What ServiceNow really critically provides seems to be an unified system that provides users to provide services for a wide range of issues all across the company.To be an expert in this platform taking up the serviceNow training is an added advantage.

Benefits carried out by servicenow:

  • Process Optimization

ServiceNow offers workflow features that let users create solutions for issues of varying complexity. Companies are capable of driving activity using work tasks, permissions, email alerts, comprehensive service interfaces, and a range of many other capabilities thanks to fundamental determined structure.Process optimization, deep learning, generates, and continuous service improvement elements of ServiceNow could be used by more advanced enterprises to drive additional advancements.

  • Integration

ServiceNow’s portfolio of customized automation solutions integrates IT processes to Hr planning, governance, service and support, problem management, and analysis. Integration seems to be a fundamental component of Itsm. ServiceNow offers user-friendly processes that link individuals, teams, and systems throughout your business, expediting your digitalization. Older ERP or Customer relationship management software can be integrated to provide organizational flexibility and foster long-term full transparency throughout the whole organization. Use of personality add-ons is also permitted, which can boost work efficiency while lightening burdens.

  • Productivity:

Any new operating system should look to enhance efficiency among its main objectives. ServiceNow automates customer inquiries, incident investigation, purchasing, and recruiting, enabling operational personnel and IT groups to work together and communicate.

  • Accountability & Transparency

It is more crucial than ever before to offer thorough monitoring and visibility on exchanges involving activities and IT network operators as businesses and operations grow more sophisticated. ServiceNow keeps track of connections and offers useful information to the entire organization that may be utilized to predict an outcome of all group’s future goals.


A sophisticated cloud hosting data warehousing technology that is created specifically for such a cloud is called Snowflake. It has a distinct architecture that was specially made for the virtual machine and provides a variety of characteristics to cope with new data warehouses for businesses.

No costly computer equipment is required to choose, deploy, or operate Snowflake.

The distinct feature of a Snowflake design would be that it offers autonomous storing and computation scalability. According to a remuneration model, it would enable people to pay just for the assets they actually utilize. Businesses can share information conveniently and secure due to advanced information sharing features.As a cloud professional explore the new insights by taking the snowflake training and enhance your professional career.

Advantages of snowflake:

In order to meet the needs of contemporary businesses, Snowflake has exceptional characteristics and a distinctive architecture. This sophisticated ability to handle massive amounts of data helps firms get several benefits. The benefits that an organization often receives from employing Snowflake are listed below.

  • Simplicity of Application

Software as a service (SaaS) is how Snowflake is being provided, allowing for speedy implementation without interfering with your regular business activities. It can be implemented without the need of pricey operating system configurations. Snowflake streamlines the analytical process by consolidating all of your information within one system.

  • Cloud-First Methodology

The Snowflake enterprise data system was launched to fully utilize cloud computing. Utilizing cloud-based information systems facilitates the process of storing and analyzing data. The cloud-oriented architecture of Snowflakes facilitates cross-cloud apps or multi-cloud infrastructure. Top cloud service providers including Amazon, Ibm, and Google support the use of this well-known technology.

  • Performance

When compared to conventional data warehouse technologies, Snowflake offers exceptional performance. Due to its sophisticated architecture, users may quickly scale vertically and horizontally in accordance with their needs while still running massive amounts of queries. Users may separately control each task thanks to the platform’s unlimited scaling capability, which has no negative effect on organizational performance.

  • Low cost:

The affordable Snowflake enterprise data system is competitively priced compared to other suppliers. Customers are responsible for paying for their own use of the machine and storage. Inexhaustible data storage is possible at a reasonable cost. Snowflake offers a facility to turn computers in and out, so fees can only be assessed for real usage.

Snowflake provides a variety of versions to suit the needs of various consumers and their budgetary constraints. The computing resources are billed per second, with a minimal usage duration of 60 second.

  • Multiple Data Structures are Supported

Snowflake seems to be a system that provides both organized and semi-structured information, in contrast to conventional data warehouse solutions. It enables users to input all varieties of data from multiple sources together into database sans requiring any translations or modifications. The storage arrays and retrieval operation is continuously optimized by Snowflake.

  • Enhanced Abilities for Data Sharing

Sophisticated information sharing capabilities were supported by snowflake design, which also makes it easy for people to exchange information. Utilizing subscriber profiles, it also facilitates data exchange with third parties. Direct creation of the reader’s profile is possible through the ui.

  • Self-Managing

Snowflake would be a highly scalable cloud – based data warehousing model that provides operations for large data workloads, information sharing, and warehousing auto-scaling. It makes use of such a Bridges Big Data software, that enables Snowflake to automatically incorporate information. The Snowflake system scales readily to meet the new needs and can manage numerous tasks independently.

  • Access and Security

Several of the key advantages of the Snowflake enterprise data system includes wide availability. This can be dispersed among several cloud supplier’s locations. This has been built to provide consistent services but has little effect whenever a part or the connection fails. By utilizing SOC2 type II or other additional basic features, this also provides sophisticated security protections.

The distinctions among Snowflake and ServiceNow:

Using innovative cloud-based premium services, ServiceNow as well as Snowflake help major enterprises eliminate bottlenecks and streamline tasks.

For IT experts, staff members, producers, and clients, ServiceNow offers cloud-based applications that simplify digital processes. With a variety of add-ons & applications, it allows organizations to control their individual projects, groups, and customer relations.

The cloud-based advanced analytics system from Snowflake collects most of a group’s information from a multitude of operating systems, centralizes those findings, and then distributes those outcomes for a variety of 3rd  party data visualization services.

How quickly is ServiceNow expanding?

Revenue for ServiceNow increased by 31% from $4.52 billion annually 2020 (the same as the calendar period), and by 30% to $5.9 billion annually 2021.

By the close of 2021, and it has more than 7,500 clients, with around 80percent of total of the Fortune 500. 1,359 clients have accepted yearly contracts totaling or more $1 billion dollars out of that amount, which was a 25% increase from the previous year. Additionally, it had a remarkable 99 percent rating system at year ending.

By introducing postponed income towards its queue, ServiceNow’s outstanding obligations (RPO), that indicate all forward expectation, increased 32% for the entire year. Experts expect that the company’s overall revenue will grow by 25 percent in 2022 and then another 24 percent in 2023. Company anticipates that its advertising revenue will climb by 28 percent on a currency – neutral basis in 2022.

As big businesses strive to technologically simplify their processes, ServiceNow predicts it may ultimately create at least $15 billions in cash by 2026, that would imply an annual growth (CAGR) of much more than 20% through 2021 until 2026.

How quickly is Snowflake expanding?

In the fiscal year 2021, Snowflake’s income grew by 124% reaching $592 millions.  Its revenue increased by 108 percent annualized to $836 millions in the first 9 months of the current fiscal season 2022. It had 5,416 clients in the third quarter, up 52% from the very same period last year, and a net income employee retention was 173 percent, up from 162 percent.

Although snowflakes have grown rapidly, it is now progressively slowing down. Analysts predict that its income will climb by 104 percent in fiscal year 2022, 66 percent in the following year, and yet another 56 percent in the following year.

Snowflake nevertheless predicts that its yearly product sales, which makes up more than 90percent of its own power play, will increase between $554 millions in fiscal 2021, through $10 billions in fiscal 2029, and an astonishing CAGR of 43.6 percent. By obtaining 1,400 clients including over $1 billion in yearly net sales by the end of the project, which would have been a relatively close increase in its present customer base, the team thinks it can achieve that goal.

Which business is more lucrative?

As per the estimates of the GAAP and non GAAP standards and regulations,  ServiceNow is competitive. By neither measure, Snowflake seems to be a lucrative business.

In financial 2021, ServiceNow’s GAAP profit has increased by 93% to $200 million dollars, and experts predict that profit would increase by 43% by 2022 then 55percent in 2023. These strong rate of growth suggest that ServiceNow’s development is durable, as does a solid membership total revenue that was above 80%.

Its GAAP massive reduction for Snowflake increased to $349 millions in the previous financial 2020 to $539 millions in financial 2021, and then it increased once more to $548 millions in the first 9 months of the current fiscal 2022. Experts see a massive negative if $728 millions for the entire year, backed by a smaller margin of $676 millions in fiscal 2024.

Positively, Snowflake anticipates an increase in its modified net income from 69 percent over the period 2021 to 75 percent in fiscal 2029, indicating that it does have a strong position in terms of price in its specialized market.

Even though we should consider so many long-term projections with such a pinch of contempt, ServiceNow may be a much more tempting investment option than Snowflake if increasing interest rates reduce the industry’s enthusiasm for unproductive growth firms.

Which stock has a better valuation?

ServiceNow is trading at a multiple of 14 times the next year’s selling and 67 times upwards profits. Snowflake traded at 38 times the projected financial 2023 revenues, while not yet being able to be evaluated by its revenues.

Even though neither stock seems cheap, ServiceNow’s pricing appears more fair in light of the company’s projected long-term sales growth. Shareholders in Snowflake may contend that the hefty price rate is indeed supported with its financial 2029 ambitions, but the company hasn’t demonstrated that one can meet that objective while making consistent profits.

For the following four straightforward reasons, ServiceNow is a lot safer investment than Snowflake: its growth is more steady, it creates larger gross margins, it is consistently profitable, and its stock is considerably less expensive.

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